Frequently asked question about Endoscopic Course

Frequently Asked Questions about Endoscopy Training
During the whole day of training, you get drinks, snacks, and lunch free of charge from the canteen of World Laparoscopy Hospital.
Any physician or surgeon cannot simply walk into an endoscopic suite and start using upper and lower GI endoscopy without proper training. However, any doctor can be successfully trained in the endoscopic procedure and after that, they can perform the endoscopic procedure.
For the cancellation conditions, please send one email to admission@laparoscopy You may postpone the course and again apply for the new month anytime later if you want.

Applying for the course is very easy just go to the link below and fill up the online application form:
Yes! just after completing F.MAS laparoscopic training you can also learn upper and lower GI endoscopy. This will be parallel class and you will get extra time to Work. If you join Robotic Surgery, IVF or Endoscopic Surgery course during laparoscopic training you will get 25% discount on the course which you join apart from laparoscopy. Joining another course will not affect your laparoscopic training but you need to work hard,
Yes, we have a hostel for doctors. Getting a college near your home is quite rare. As the accommodation to this new place is not affordable, our doctors find hostels to be more affordable means of living. We have a hostel in hospital building as well as we have a Pacific hotel owned by World Laparoscopy Hospital where our doctors stay.
No, it is not necessary for the students of WLH to stay in hostels. Many of the overseas doctors stay in nearby four or five-star hotel. Hospital has its own three-star hotel called Pacific Hotel and many students stay in the Pacific Hotel. 1 or 2 students from every batch study as day scholars, they come from their home every day to attend the lectures and practical classes and during the operative session.
As an endoscopic training participant, you are responsible for booking the accommodation. Various accommodation options are available at the training locations. Once you have logged on to our learning server, click on the confirmed course under the “My Training” section and you will find a list of hotels to choose from. The hotels are not listed according to quality or preference.
If you want you can stay in the Hostel of World Laparoscopy Hospital also. Please go to the link below to register accommodation through World Laparoscopy Hospital.
As soon as you will apply for the course you will get an acknowledgment by email. After a few hours, you will receive a final confirmation and invitation letter of your course registration by email. 

It is very easy to apply for any training program at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Decide which course you want to join and then Complete the Online Application Form by 
Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery Course duration is every day 8:30 am to 5 pm. Approximately 8 hours of rigorous training will be every day. In those 8 hours, there will be 3 hours Lecture, 3 hours Practical and two hours will be live surgery exposure in an endoscopic suite with our consultant.
You can easily apply for the course online by going to
You should apply well before the course starts because there is a limited number of seats and hundreds of applicants waiting for their turn.
Staffs of World Laparoscopy Hospital will create a special training Member area for you on the server of World Laparoscopy Hospital as soon as you will join the course. This personal login is used for logging on to the WLH learning server where you will have access to thousands of video task analysis, article, surgical techniques information, and many training documents, reference material, etc. In order to be able to use this, the participant's personal e-mail address has to be specified. If you did not specify an e-mail address, we ask you to submit it after registering.
All our Training Program will be in the English Language. For overseas doctors knowing how proficient you are, will allow us to judge whether you can cope with the lessons and course work within the timescale of a program or if you need additional tuition and time, so it is essential you test your English yourself before you arrive.
Completed applications (those with all required credentials received) will be reviewed by a departmental faculty admissions committee. The review process can typically last 24 hours, after which candidates will be notified of the official decision via regular mail.
If you have registered for a course and you are not able to attend, you have three options:

Reschedule your registration to another month
Cancel your registration 
You may choose any of these options as late as one week before the start of the course. 
The Course fee for endoscopic training is Rs 67,000 only for Indian Doctors and 1,700 USD for Overseas Doctors (Including Study Material, Working Lunch, Lab Expenses, OT Dress and Local Transport. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, laparoscopic instruments, O. T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. Working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided the whole day during the course. Doctors dedicated accommodation is available at subsidized tariff in Pacific Hotel (Owned and Managed By WLH). Hospital has its own deluxe bus to bring surgeons to hospital. For Indian doctors, accommodation is available on the hospital campus.
  • Start date: 16th to 19th of Every month
  • Duration: 4 days Fellowship in Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy
  • Level: Beginner and intermediate
  • Course Fee: 1,700 USD for overseas candidate and Rupees 67,000 only for Indian Doctors, Including Study Material, Working Lunch and Local Transport
  • Location: Campus, World Laparoscopy Hospital, Delhi, India
English language proficiency is just required minimum to ensure you can read, write, and speak English and you can understand all the lectures and practical instructions.
Our Endoscopic Training Program is of Basic Level only. Achieving proficiency in flexible endoscopy requires a great amount of practice. We provide Virtual reality (VR) simulators and the animal lab to provide effective training followed by exposure in operation theatre. 
Any knowledge of endoscopy is not required as we start from scratch. The only requirement is that you should be a qualified surgeon or gynecologist to attend this training program.
The password request will only work if the participant's personal email address has been specified. If the participant's email address has not been specified in the registration form, we ask you to hand it in later. If the participant does not have a business email address, you can alternatively specify the private email address or a company email address. Please note that the link to the password request is only valid for 24 hours. If you want to request the password after the expiry of the 24 hours. If you could not log in to member area of World Laparoscopy Hospital. please contact us. We will then send you a new link for the password request.
You will get complete Hands-On on anesthetized animal and Virtual Reality Simulators. On Human, you will only assist our consultant while he performs diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy.
Yes! Only animate model in our wet lab you will perform endoscopy yourself. On human, you will assist and observe our consultant performing all kind of diagnostic as well as therapeutic endoscopy.
That depends upon your intended career path.

You can’t practice as an endoscopist, without a relevant postgraduate qualification in upper and lower GI endoscopy. After this training, you can practice. Some research-based careers require you to have taken a research-intensive postgraduate course in endoscopy. In other cases, a postgraduate course may be seen as an example of your commitment to a specialism, or as a way of accelerating your move to professional accreditation. But in all cases, you need the personal abilities and commitment for the job as well as an actual qualification.
Appropriate training documents will be provided for all training courses. For face-to-face training courses, which are marked with a tablet icon in the catalog, the training documents will be provided in electronic form through the member is of World Laparoscopy Hospital. There are hundreds of Videos, Books, and Articles for Trainees which we provide free of cost.


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