Application for Hands On Courses of World Laparoscopy Hospital (INDIA - UAE)

Courses are available in Delhi and Dubai. Please Refresh the Page if Responsive Form is not Loaded Properly..

You are going to be studying the subject to a very high level of postgraduate medical skill so make sure you choose a course you are passionate about and will really enjoy! Online registration form should be filled only by individual surgeon and gynecologist who wants to take training. Any company (travel agencies, laboratories, industrials, etc.) are not allowed to apply on behalf of any doctors.

We do not entertain application through any travel agency or Medical tourism agent. So, the Doctors are requested to apply directly for this course without keeping any person in between them and World Laparoscopy Hospital. If you're considering applying to WLH, we encourage you to try to visit the institute at some point so you can see for yourself what it may be like to get "Hands On" training here. There are more than 100 open days and events in World Laparoscopy Hospital each year. Our aim is to educate Surgeons and Gynecologists from all over World to to make a community of compassionate, thoughtful, skilled Minimal Access Surgeon.

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In case of any emergency please contact:

In case of any emergency in India please contact:

World Laparoscopy Hospital
Cyber City
Gurugram, NCR Delhi, 122002

+91 9811416838


In case of any emergency in Dubai please contact:

World Laparoscopy Training Institute
Ibn Sina Building No: 27 Block A
Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+97 1523961806