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The Institute conducts courses in small class settings to provide course participants with the maximum amount of "Hands On" real practical training and personalized attention, support, and feedback. In WLH the infrastructure is developed in such a way that every time when the surgeon are in institute there is open, dynamic dialogue between instructors and participants is encouraged in a collegial, non-competitive atmosphere. World Laparoscopy Hospital been involved in continuing medical education for the doctors from whole World since 2001, and the faculty of this internationally recognized institute is endowed with a wealth of outstanding experience and a passion for education in robotic and advanced laparoscopic surgery. This Premier Institute is committed to providing a structured, innovative, and dynamic evidence based learning process to novices and experienced surgeons and gynecologists alike, offering a curriculum that draws from well-established surgical approaches as well as current and evolving techniques and modalities. More than 11000 surgaons and gynecologists from all over world is trained in this international institute. Although each minimal access surgical course covers a particular set of topics according to the guidelines of World Association of Laparoscopic surgeons, the student (surgeons and gynecologists) are always encouraged to learn certain procedures of interest provided that time and the student’s skill level allow for such modification of the curriculum).

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