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Keeping in Mind that we have students coming from whole World we have expanded our online payment platform. We have now two World Class Payment Gateways to Maximize the Number of Banks and to Cover All the International Credit Card. You can use any of the above Payment Gateway Link to Pay your Initial Admission Registration Fee. World Laparoscopy Hospital have Extended Validation SSL Certificate with full organization validation which ensures the green address bar you can see on your browser and you can Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or any Online Wallets with confidence:
Please read instructions of online payment..

Online fee payment is 100% safe when you choose the WLH web site payment service. Typically, an online bill pay service that is backed by a bank or a company that provides online banking services will be safe and reliable. Compared to common transactions people take for granted, such as handing a credit card, online bill paying is far safer. This is because online bill pay services encrypt your data to keep it secure and utilize multi step identify verification processes and password protections. In contrast, a person who handles your credit card during a transaction can easily copy your credit card account information and potentially use it to make unauthorized purchases. You can direct us if you want to pay full fee or partial fee towards your course.

We do not entertain payment through any travel agency or Medical tourism agent. So, the Doctors are requested to apply directly for this course without keeping any person in between them and World Laparoscopy Hospital. If you're considering applying to WLH, we encourage you to try to visit the institute at some point so you can see for yourself what it may be like to get "Hands On" training here. There are more than 100 open days and events in World Laparoscopy Hospital each year. Our aim is to educate Surgeons and Gynecologists from all over World to to make a community of compassionate, thoughtful, skilled Minimal Access Surgeon.

There are two categories of Doctors who are enrolled for training:

Category (A) International Candidates: International Candidates includes the following: Foreign Candidates: Doctors holding passports issued by foreign countries. 50% of seats are reserved for overseas candidate. Non Resident Indians (NRI): Doctors of Indian origin who are presently working or residing in foreign country.

Category (B) Indian Candidates: Students who are Indian Nationals and are residing in India for the past 3 years are ONLY qualified for the payment of subsidized tuition fees and will have to sign an affidavit to this effect that they are serving in India.

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