GI Endoscopy "Hands-On" Fellowship Course

  • Endoscopy Fellowship Training Start date: 16th to 19th of Every month
  • Endoscopy Fellowship Duration: 4 days Fellowship in Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy
  • Level: Beginner and intermediate
  • Course Fee: 1,700 USD for overseas candidate and Rupees 70,000 only for Indian Doctors, Including Study Material, Working Lunch and Local Transport). Candidate should pay the registration fee 5000 rupees at the time of application of course remaining fee ot the course on the first day at the time of joining the course.
  • Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital, DLF Phase II, Cyber City, Gurgaon, NCR Delhi, India
  • Accommodation: Tariff is Rs 1500/day at WLH premises and Rs 2200/day at Pacific Hotel (Owned by WLH).
  • Admission: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THIS COURSE(For any Course Related Query Please Call Mr. Anand Sinha at 00919811416832)

The intensive Hand on course is for 4 days consisting of Basic Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy Course from 16th to 19th of every month. Candidate can opt for four days course of only upper or lower GI endoscopy if they want.

Prospectus of Endoscopic Fellowship

FAQ's of Endoscopy Fellowship Course

Meet Our Endoscopy Director:

Dr. Arvind Kumar Khurana

Dr. Arvind Kumar Khurana , MBBS, MD (Medicine), DNB (Medicine), DM (Gastroenterology), FRCP. Dr. Arvind Kumar Khurana is a Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist and head department gastroenterology.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Khurana



MBBS; Govt. Medical College, Patiala (1991-1996) M.S; (General Surgery) Govt. Medical College, Patiala (1998-2001).

Course Objective:

The main objectives of this programme are to update the basic scientific background and to promote the clinical and the technical skills of the candidates. These are achieved by successive sessions of lectures and hands-on training under expert supervision. Successful trainees in GI endoscopy acquire their skills through a program of hands-on experiential training under the mentorship of expert endoscopic trainers

  • To understand the basic knowledge of Upper GI and Lower GI endoscopy
  • To be able to explain to patients and their families regarding the upper endoscopy process and acquire informed consent properly
  • To be able to handle endoscope properly, including reprocessing and maintenance of the endoscope
  • To have the basic skills for diagnostic gastroscopy
  • To know the indications, contraindication, complications and how to handle the complications
  • To have the basic skills for diagnostic Colonoscopy

Topics Covered:

  • Orientation to endoscopic instrument and accessories
  • Endoscopic cleaning and disinfection
  • Basic upper GI endoscopic technique
  • Preparation and premedication methods of patients
  • Indications, contraindications and complications of upper GI endoscopy
  • Tissue Biopsy and handling
  • Interpretation of upper GI endoscopic findings
  • Technique for endoscopic hemostasis
  • Overcoming upper GI endoscopic difficulties
  • Basic Lower GI endoscopic technique
  • Preparation and premedication methods of patients
  • Indications, contraindications and complications of Lower GI endoscopy
  • Tissue Biopsy and handling
  • Interpretation of Lower GI endoscopic findings
  • Technique for endoscopic hemostasis
  • Overcoming Lower GI endoscopic difficulties
The trainees will have an opportunity to practice the following procedure only in Lab and or Demonstration
  • Esophagoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Duodenoscopy
  • Endoscopic variceal ligation
  • Colonoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Other procedures such as coaptation therapy, hemo-clipping, endoscopic dilation, polypectomy,
  • Foreign body removal and PEG depend upon individual skill.

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Course Fee:

The course fee is 1700 USD for Overseas candidate and 70,000 Rupees for Indian Candidates.


There will be 25% discount in the fee of Robotic Surgery Course, Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy Course or IVF Course if you join it together with laparoscopic Fellowship or Diploma program. Please Note there will not be any discount on laparoscopic surgery course fee only other course which you integrate with laparoscopy will have 25% discount.


Certificate of Training will be awarded by WALS. CME certificate is awarded by World Laparoscopy Hospital.

Course Study Material:

Course study material as teaching resources (textbooks, atlases, videotapes, electronic media) into the training program provided free with the course.


For pleasant memorable stay of trainee doctors we have hostel accommodation available at very nominal cost. Hospital has its own transport facility to bring surgeons to hospital.

Laparoscopic Surgery Training Minute to Minute Timetable

Endoscopic training comprises of the rigorous 6 hours daily Hands On training of all essential upper and lower GI endoscopic procedures. This course is scientifically designed according to international protocol of endoscopic education proven to learn Minimally invasive endoscopic technique. Our minimally invasive endoscopic training will not end just imparting hands on skill but post training Online support is also provided through world's largest and most updated Online library of endoscopic study material (Videos, Articles, Power Point presentations, eBooks) kept for members only on our dedicated server. We provide endoscopic study materials of worth 3000 USD free during course. Free endoscopic study material to complement practical knowledge is provided with the course.

The course fee for Upper and Lower GI endoscopy is 70,000 Rupees for Indian surgeons and 1700 USD for overseas surgeon and NRI. Accommodation is available and the Tariff is subsidized. Hospital has its own deluxe bus to bring surgeons to hospital. Please note that living expenses (Food, Travel, Stationary, and Laundry etc.) are not covered in the course fee but working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided whole day during course, free of cost. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, endoscopic instruments, O. T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. Learn more about the accommodation.

Admission is on first come first serve basis but if the applicant are more for same month candidate has to take Online entrance exam. Candidates must hold M.B; B.S or equivalent and at least 3 years post-registration experience in General surgery or Medicine or degree of M.S or M.D for Indian candidates.

  1. Doctors should have valid medical registration.
  2. Overseas Doctor should have equivalent qualification.
  3. Exam of Fellowship has to be cleared.

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