International Patient Information (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions of International Patients
We can provide you with transport services from the airport, you just need to mention the same in the email.
We provide world class health care with special attention to each and every patients. Our outcomes whether surgical, medical or infection related, are all world class.
You can email us your questions at or alternatively can ask on live chat on our wedsite. We respond to you within one working day with the appropriate specialist doctor’s opinion including treatment plan, cost estimates, and length of stay in hospital and in India.
If you have digital files of your medical images and scans, you can email them to us at You can also fill up the patient registration form by going to the link given below:

At the time of discharge, you will be given: 

  • Comprehensive advice on discharge, including medications, diet and exercise 
  • The contact details of the treating doctor will be shared so that you and your medical practitioner can keep in touch with him/her.
Our hospital provides best health care services in affordable prices. We also perform free medical services and surgeries for those in need.
We will email you the invitation letter requesting priority medical visa for patient and medical attendant, to be submitted to the Indian High Commission in your country. This will help you to get Visa as soon as possible.
Yes, we provide remote video consultations to international patients and their doctors from World Laparoscopy Hospital. For more information, including eligibility requirements, please contact our clinical coordinator and send one email from video communication at

Please register by going to the following link:

Our inpatient rooms have space for complimentary accommodation of one caregiver.

We can also assist you in purchasing a local SIM card. Our hospital is also WiFi enabled so you can get in touch online.
  • Cash 
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Debit/Credit Cards (VISA and MASTER)
  • RTGS (Bank transfer into the hospital account)

Our first priority is to make your stay in India hassle free for which we will assist you with priority admission, out-of-turn appointments, billing and foreign exchange assistance, registration with local govt. bodies, availability of local SIM card, visa extensions, travel assistance, hotel accommodation outside the hospital and tour of the city.

You can send us an email on .
Almost all Major Companies Insurance may be accepted if your carrier is contracted with a World Laparoscopy Hospital. World Laparoscopy Hospital is NABH Endorsed Hospital so If your insurance carrier isn't contracted with one of our networks, we may set up an individual agreement with them. Please call our office directly with all information to start the process. Learn more by going to the following link:
The International Health Services team can supply a list of hotels and rental housing at various price ranges, including some nearby hotels that offer special rates for the international patients of World Laparoscopy Hospital. If you need help, please contact our clinical coordinator. We have our own hotel known as World Laparoscopy Hospital. You can book a room in this hotel just by filling the online booking form by going to the link given below:
Adults, children, and infants may all be treated at World Laparoscopy Hospital if treatment here is related to Minimal Access Surgery and it is right for you will depend on factors such as your illness or diagnosis and other medical information. You can call or email us to ask questions or schedule a consultation at
Our clinical coordinators can suggest travel plans based on your appointment times at World Laparoscopy Hospital. We will issue a letter for a visa application after you have submitted all pertinent information and have an appointment and a possible treatment plan. If you're paying cash, we may ask for a deposit—the visa office may require you to prove you have the funds deposited in India before issuing a travel visa. Please check the local visa office in your country.
To register and to fix an appointment please go to the link given below: 
New Delhi not only a city that gives the advantage of world-class healthcare services at a fraction of cost, it is the capital of India and also known as one of the most vibrant and safe cities. New Delhi is well connected to all major cities in the world. Home to global multinationals, the city already has many foreign nationals working here. The city in general and staff at World Laparoscopy Hospital are culturally sensitized to the needs, international visitors.


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