FAQs About Different Examinations Conducted by World Laparoscopy Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Exam
There are three types of online exam conducted by World Laparoscopy Hospital:
  1. CME Exam - To get CME Credit
  2. Entrance Exam - To get Admission at WLH Laparoscopic Training if applicants are more and seat in few
  3. Scholarship Exam - To get scholarship award of 50% of course fee
Generally, admission to the training course is without any entrance examination and strictly on first come first serve basis. However, when there are applications exceeding the batch size for the month, entrance exam may be required. Seeing the long waiting list of admission candidates are obliged to take an online entrance exam in surgery and gynecology before they will be selected for "Hands On" laparoscopic training at this institute. Candidates will be selected by the Admission Committee on the basis of their final scores in online entrance exam or their previous qualification and experience. The Admission Committee is authorized to take decision about the selection well in advance so that there should not be any problem in VISA. F.MAS and D.MAS course start every month from 1st of the month. If you will apply for course nearer to starting date even if you are well qualified you have to compete with other candidates and you are required to take entrance test and admission will be given to the doctor who score more in online entrance test.

World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon is conducting a series of online CME courses that allow participants to view pre-recorded demonstrations and discussions of new and innovative minimally invasive procedures, devices, and techniques. Surgeons and gynecologist can elect a laparoscopic CME program that offers a diverse collection of minimally invasive courses, allowing for growth within your specialty and advancement beyond, if desired.

After Successfully passing the Continued Medical Education Exam you can download your merit and CME certificate instantly from your profile assignment area of WLH Website. All communications shall be sent only to the registered email address of World Laparoscopy Hospital.

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As a premier institute of Minimal, Access Surgery World Laparoscopy Hospital provides scholarships for qualified surgeons, gynecologists, urologists and pediatric surgeon who wants to learn laparoscopic surgery from one of the 108 scholarship countries each month and a total number of scholarship would be 12 in one year. The Surgeon and Gynecologist who get maximum marks in this online scholarship exam will get a Laparoscopic Fellowship Scholarship of 50% of Course Fee. Scholarships are available to cover the costs associated with laparoscopic Fellowship and Diploma course tuition, meals, lodging, and travel to attend minimal access surgery professional training course at World Laparoscopy Hospital.
You can take exam without getting enrolled in a laparoscopic training program but the grant of 50% of course fees which you will receive in scholarship, you can only spend towards the laparoscopic training program at World Laparoscopy Hospital.

Yes. Often the scholarship provided by World Laparoscopy Hospital gives your award to the WLH training course you are attending as credit towards your tuition. If this happens, the school adjusts your unmet financial need accordingly.

No, the WLH online exam does not have a defined syllabus for exam preparation. It will be same as general postgraduate questions asked in MRCS or MRCOG exam. However, you can take our mock test to understand the pattern of exam and types of questions. Check the WLH website regularly for the announcement of mock test.
You will know if you are eligible to apply for WLH scholarship by reading the details on eligibility found on the website. Eligibility may depend on your qualificetion, if the scholarship in question is targeted at students from specific regions. For subject-specific scholarships, the program you are enrolling on will also affect your eligibility. In most cases, WLH scholarships are only open to students who have already been accepted onto a laparoscopic training program. 
There will be multiple choice question which has one correct answer. One correct answer will carry one mark. The candidate has to click on the one best answer from the four choices given. There is a negative marking also for wrong answer. One marks will be deducted for two wrong answer. Un attempted answer will not deduct any marks.WLH reserves the right to ensure the security of the test content by using electronic detection scanning devices 256 encryption by the SSL server. If the exam will be not finished in one hour the questions will be automatically locked and our software will consider all the remaining questions as unanswered. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the online test and you will not be able to take this laparoscopic scholarship online test again. 
You can appear in this exam only once. Your candidature will not be accepted if you try to give the exam second time.
Before applying for the online scholarship exam we will advise you to take a pretest and try our sample entrance exam. Once you will see that you are scoring 95% in the entrance exam then please send an email and we will take your online entrance exam. If you are getting required marks in the sample entrance exam that means your chances of getting maximum marks in the scholarship exam are high. 
No, you will not be given any breaks during the test. You are giving test at your home but if you will waste time you will not be able to take all the questions and most likely you will fail.
Yes during the exam duration you can change the answer and it is one of the most important feature of Computer Based Online Examination of World Laparoscopy Hospital. But we suggest that you should not change it frequently as the browser of your computer can become unstable specially if you have slow internet connection.
The winner is chosen by online entrance examination. A minimum of 95% marks is required to take the scholarship.
It is very secure with zero error possibility as human intervention is minimal. We have taken many steps to ensure the fair examinations. Our Online Scholarship Exam uses World's Most TRUSTED Secure server software (SSL) Geotrust which is an industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions which is verified by VISA and Mastercard. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the internet. World Laparoscopy Hospital is a Private Limited Company registered by government of India as Delhi Laparoscopy Hospital Pvt. Ltd. World Laparoscopy Hospital holds a web site identity assurance warranty of $100,000. This means that you are insured for up to $100,000 when relying on the information provided by Id Authority on this site and it is ISO 9001-2008 certified institute for Laparoscopic Treatment, Training and Research. 
There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question no’s in different colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left un answered and marked for review.
There will four options of each question. The candidate has to click one of the options using computer mouse which can be reviewed or re-answered any time during the duration of the examination.
Scholarship Exam is conducted every month on 30th of the month. You have to arrange atleast 100 minute time that day. You can take this exam any where, at home or at office or by your mobile even while you are travelling. Exam question of scholarship exam will appear only on 30TH OF THIS MONTH 9 AM ONWARD FOR WHOLE DAY. 

If you miss 30th of that month due to any reason you have to give exam next month. Please remember you can appear in Scholarship exam only once. In entrance and CME exam you can appear as many times as you want.
No, there is no age restriction for taking any of the online exam of World Laparoscopy Hospital.
It is very unlikely that World Laparoscopy Hospital website will not work. WLH has its own dedicated server with mutiple cloud based datacenter. If the registration website is not accessible for any reason, please close your Internet browser and try again. Also, ensure you are using the correct version of the Internet browser recommended: The Registration/Application form is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

You may also refer to the help desk details given below for instructions:
  • Telephone no: +919999677788
  • Email: exam@laparoscopyhospital.com
It completely depend upon your merit. The more applicants there are for a particular month, the less chance you have of scolarship. 
You need to know only basic computer knowledge. In reality the candidate need to know only how to use computer mouse. That is at the most required.
Candidates with Master Degree or DNB or Diploma and having 3 years of work experience in his/her specialty. Overseas Doctor who has more than 3 year post graduation experience after completing their residency in Gynecology, Surgery, Urology or Pediatric Surgery. Candidates with MRCS, MRCOG or FRCS Degree. Candidates with M.Ch Degree in Gastroenterology, Urology or Hepatobiliary. Candidate who has cleared the American Board Exam or Canadian Board Exam. Candidates who has already 3 year experience in Laparoscopic Surgery (Certificate in Required by chief of hospital or program director). Candidate who has licence to practice surgery or gynecology by Government of their respective country with more than 3 year experience of performing open surgery. Medical College/University teachers with three or more years of teaching experience are exempted from the Entrance Test.
This scholarship test is absolutely free for qualified General Surgeon, Gynecologists, Urologists and Pediatric Surgeons of all over World. This scholarship is a Grant by WALS. The Educational Committee runs WALS scholarship training Courses and also endorses training courses in member institutions and hospitals if these meet the criteria set up by the Committee which are reviewed periodically. A part of the scholarship is also given by World Laparoscopy Hospital.
Online Examination of World Laparoscopy Hospital offers greater accuracy, efficiency, transparency, reliability, flexibility, scalability, efficient administration, minimum effort, instant results, time saving, cost saving etc. when compared with traditional paper-based examination.

World Laparoscopy Hospital conduct several CME examinations, Entrance Examination and Scholarship Examination through its exam portal.
Duration of Exam will be 90 minutes and there will be 100 questions. As soon as you start exam our server will automatically start monitoring your exam time. Please keep in mind that once exam start it can not be reset.
All the online exam conducted by World Laparoscopy Hospital is in English Medium.
If you have any unanswered questions about World Laparoscopy Hospital scholarship programs, either contact the WLH on phone +019811416838 directly or ask your question in the submit question section above. 

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Scholarship Exam is every month on 30th of the month starting at 9am and will finish at 5pm. Within this specified period of time you can give exam any time. Once exam is started online you can not quit it in between
The candidate's marks are immediately displayed on his/her computer screen at the end of the online exam. You can immediately download your merit and CME certificate also immediately.
WLH web site using one of the most advanced encrypted technology so you will not face any difficulty and result will be declared immediately. To take scholarship exam on 30th of this month, please register yourself on our examination portal and obtain your username and password. Keep your username and password in any safe place. The scholarship exam questions will be displayed in your registered account profile page at 9am on 30th of this month. Mean while you can practice test exams on our examination portal so you will be used to our exam methodology. You can instantly download your exam certificate online after finishing the exam.

Please click here to register at WLH examination portal
You can register to WLH CME exam portal you will see the interface which is can take CME exam. Candidates who have till date given examinations offline need to get themselves accustomed to the new online method of World Laparoscopy Hospital which is turning out to be the standard norm for taking examinations. There are major nationwide examinations that are being conducted online. Many surgeons and gynaecologist find it difficult to cope with the newly launched online method of examination. Hence, it is important to take them to a comfort level so that they don’t get the additional fear while giving the examination.

Click Here to Register On WLH CME Examination Portal

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  2. Registration: To participate in our online scholarship exams, you must register on our website and provide accurate and complete information. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information, including your username and password, and for all activities that occur under your account.

  3. Conduct: You agree to conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner during the scholarship exams. Any attempt to cheat, plagiarize, or engage in any other form of academic misconduct will result in immediate disqualification from the exams and may result in legal action.

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