FAQs About World Laparoscopy Hospital Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions About World Laparoscopy Hospital Dubai
At present only Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery course is offered by World Laparoscopy Hospital, Dubai. The Laparoscopic surgery training course at Health Care City Dubai is created and designed at this laparoscopic surgery training institute in a manner that after this laparoscopic surgery training program surgeons, gynecologists and urologists will be able to do all the taught laparoscopic surgery independently on their patients.
  • Laparoscopic Training in Dubai: 25th to 29th of Every Alternate Month
  • Laparoscopic Course Duration: 5 Days Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery in Dubai
  • Level: Beginner and intermediate. Course is for General Surgeon, Gynecologist, Urologist or Pediatric surgeon
  • Location: Building 27 Block A, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai.
  • WLH Dubai Phone Number: 00971523961806, 00919811416838
Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery Program Offered all around the world by World Laparoscopy Hospital differ a bit from each other though the core remains the same (as it should). The UAE F.MAS is different from the Indian one, as it is more condensed course and the clinical component is less.
Dr R K Mishra is main faculty of the course. Dr. R. K. Mishra is one of the most experienced professor of laparoscopic and robotic surgery who has alone trained more than 7,000 surgeon and gynecologist from more than 108 countries. He has vast experience of teaching laparoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgery. He is Professor of Minimal Access Surgery and his endeavor of starting unique university program was started in Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, U. K. with Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri. Dr. Mishra has taken his Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery from university of Strasbourg, France. He has completed his surgical residency and Master degree in Minimal Access Surgery (M.MAS) from Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, University of Dundee, United Kingdom. 

World Laparoscopy Hospital is the only institute in the Middle East which offer Hands On training with Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery Degree. All other courses in Middle East are just certificate course. World Laparoscopy Hospital course of Dubai can not be compared in its quality from any other course in World. 

Many western universities have opened laparoscopic training institutes in UAE and are heavily advertised not only locally but also in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Sadly though, the level of education offered is poor.
The course fee for F.MAS Course in Dubai is 2900 USD. Accommodation is available and the tariff is subsidized. World Laparoscopy Hospital, Dubai has its own deluxe bus to bring surgeons from hostel to hospital. Please note that living expenses (Food, Travel, Stationary, and Laundry etc.) are not covered in the course fee but working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided whole day during course, free of cost. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, laparoscopic instruments, O.T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. Learn more about the accommodation.
After paying the registration fee of 75 USD we give to every participating candidate access to our member area (specific password will be issued to each candidate). Then you can download unlimited study material from secure member area of our web site which includes:
  1. We give free study material worth 3,000 USD to each candidate taking training.
  2. Member area of World Laparoscopy Hospital has more than 1000 high resolution laparoscopic video ready to download related to almost all the laparoscopic procedure done anywhere in the world
  3. Member area World Laparoscopy Hospital has more than 100 e-book of Laparoscopic Surgery
  4. Member area World Laparoscopy Hospital has more than 200 Laparoscopic Power Points, Lectures ready to download
  5. World Laparoscopy Hospital is hosting 300 GB study material on internet for surgeon and gynaecologist on its own dedicated secured server
  6. World laparoscopy hospital web site is not hosted on the shared hosting. We have our own DNS, and dedicated server in USA so that surgeon will get very fast unlimited download of video, power points, software and other study material.
Combined with the emphasis placed on minimal access surgical research and the excellent clinical exposure given to each and every student. 

Click here to see minute to minute program of World Laparoscopy Hospital Dubai
Candidates must arrange accommodation at their own cost. However we definitely help to find a suitable accommodation for you. If you want just walking distance from our institute in Dubai, you should stay at any of the following hotels near Dubai Healthcare City.

Please reserve your accommodation through https://www.booking.com

We recommend following accommodation:
  1. Hyatt Regency (Five Star)
  2. Reflections Hotel (Three Star)
  3. Goldstate Hotel (Four Star)
  4. Roda Medha Suites (Three Star) Recommended for family
  5. Arabian Park Hotel (Three Star)

Cosmopolitan and architecturally stunning Dubai is a truly global city. With its ultramodern skyscrapers, the artificial archipelago of Palm Islands and the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai offers something for every taste. Accommodation in Dubai is very easy to arrange. It is not expensive also. The best way is just go to Booking.com and type hotels near Dubai healthcare City. You will get hundreds of Hotels starting from 40 USD/day upto 5 star hotel also. If you will send us email we can also book hotels for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a budget hotel, a stunning luxury hotel, a beachfront suite or an intimate resort, Booking.com has the perfect accommodation for your Dubai Course.
Once you apply for the course by filling the online application form we will send you the invitation letter. On behalf of this invitation letter you will immediately get VISA. You need to apply online for VISA or alternatively you can apply at UAE consulate office. If you have intention to see the tourist places of Dubai, you may come on tourist VISA which is quick and very easy to get.
Prepare a copy of your passport, copy of passport size photograph. Complete the online application on our website by clicking here.  Once registration process is complete we will immediately send you invitation letter and on behalf of that letter you will get VISA.

Passport holders of listed countries can get VISA ON ARRIVAL: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City.

Of course we provide it free, There will be no any extra charge to utilize hospital resources like Internet, laparoscopic instruments, O. T. Dress, library, Videos, CD. Working lunch, snacks tea, coffee and soft drink will be provided whole day during course, free of cost..
Medium of teaching laparoscopic surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Dubai is in English. This course is an international course and everything will be discussed in English only. As universities work to become globally competitive medical courses taught in English are expanding.
You should bring your laptop to download the study materials from our member area. World Laparoscopy Hospital is giving free study material of worth 3,000 USD to the candidates who come for training. If you bring your laptop it will also be easy for you to learn laparoscopic video editing and movie making. However, you can use the computer at work in the resource area of our institute. 
Please note that living expenses (Food, Travel, Stationary, and Laundry etc.) are not covered in the course fee but working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided whole day during course, free of cost. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, laparoscopic instruments, O.T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. 

A minimum charge of  3 AED for METRO to travel anywhere in Dubai. Taxis charge you a fixed pick up rate and kilometer charge. Dubai is a shopping city the expense depends upon your style of living – your taste in shopping, food and entertainments. You can bargain with most of the street vendors, the discount fares come with less rate and good shopping experience.
Our main faculty and director Dr R K Mishra has 20 year experience of teaching laparoscopic surgery. It is logical to expect that those who have obtained higher specialized degree from reputed institute can only pass on the knowledge and experience to the peers in structured way. Most of the faculty of other institute are surgeons without having any degree in Laparoscopic surgery. Whereas our Chief faculty and the Director Dr.R.K.Mishra. MRCS, M.MAS (U.K). have the distinction of being first qualified master minimal access surgeon of India. He has done his Master in Minimal Access Surgery from Ninewells Hospital and Medical School (U.K). He is faculty of many leading hospital of world and he has trained more than 7,000 surgeons and Gynecologist from every corner of world. 
World Laparoscopy Hospital, Dubai is situated at Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai Healthcare City is only 4 km from Dubai International Airport. If you will take Taxi you can reach within 5 minutes from airport. 
The course fee for intensive 5 days F.MAS Course in Dubai is 2,900 USD only. Working lunch, snacks tea and coffee will be provided whole day during course, free of cost. There is no extra charge to utilize hospital resources like internet, laparoscopic instruments, O.T. Dress, Library, Videos, CDs. 
Holders of international driver’s licenses may only drive rental cars from official rental agencies. It is illegal to drive private vehicles on a driver’s license other than that issued by UAE authorities. Depending on where your license is issued from, you may have it converted directly to a UAE driver’s license. If your license is not issued from any of the countries listed in the law, you must take the driving examinations before you can be issued a UAE driver’s license. 
The dress code in the U.A.E. is much the same as it would be in your home country. But a healthy respect for the local customs should be maintained. You will see plenty of people wearing shorts, T-shirts, skirts, etc.  Cllothing doesn’t have to cover arms and legs, but should be somewhat modest as a sign of respect for the local sensibilities.

We require that our faculty and staff present a professional appearance at all times. Doctors are expected to wear dress pants/trousers or dresses/skirts over which they wear Apron (Apron will be provided by hospital) which are on or below the knee. 

Yes, photographs of World Laparoscopy Hospital building or official events are allowed provided there are no students in the photograph who do not want to take their photograph.


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