FAQs regarding Online Consultation | ऑनलाइन परामर्श के संबंध में अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Consultation
Yes! Sure you can I ask your family member or your family physician to participate during the online consultation? Our online meeting app though our web interface can allow multiple users to come online and do video conferencing together. Rather we encourage you to do that so all of your doubts will be clear. Even if any family member is abroad in another country or another state he can join our platform at the time of consultation. The online link for consultation which we will send you you can share with them.
Yes. It is specified in the guidelines. It is incumbent on the specialist to maintain the following records/ documents for the period, as prescribed from time to time. These include Logs or records of Telemedicine interaction (e.g. Phone logs, email records, chat/ text records, video interaction logs, etc.). The patient should also retain patient records, reports, documents, images, diagnostics, data (Digital or non-Digital), etc. utilized in the telemedicine consultation.  Specifically, in case a prescription is shared with the patient, the patient is required to maintain the prescription records as required for in-person consultations.
Yes. You can use any legally valid credit card. We have World Class Payment Gateways to Maximize the Number of Banks and to Cover All the International Credit Card. You can use the above Payment Gateway Link to Pay your online consultation Fee. World Laparoscopy Hospital has an Extended Validation SSL Certificate with full organization validation. We have SSL you can see on your browser, and you can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or any Online Wallets with confidence for online consultation with our expert laparoscopic surgeon by video conferencing:
This can be done. We at World Laparoscopy Hospital do not prevent you from getting multiple appointments done either for the same patient or different patients for the same date or different dates.
Yes. You have an option to share your prescriptions and test reports with the doctor during an online consultation. You can do so by clicking on the plus sign (+) present on the bottom left of the online meeting screen. Our consultation app is very advance. You can even share your screen or you can show your videos.
Yes, pictures can be uploaded and tagged with the consultation. You can also send all your report to md@laparoscopyhospital.com before the online consultation.
The duration of the consultation is decided by the doctor. Currently, we have provided options to configure 15, 30, and 60 min. In case the ongoing consultation is overlapping the next patient's schedule, the doctor will be intimated by the system. It is up to the doctor on how long they would like to extend the consultation. The consultation can be ended only by the doctor.
Skype, Zoom, Facetime are applications and have multiple dependencies like Facetime is only available for Apple hardware, and Skype or Zoom users can only talk with other Skype users for free. They are not secure of privacy medical grade. We use a web-based technology that allows real-time communication from a secure website that works on your regular Internet browser (chrome/firefox/Internet explorer). The solution that we offer is integrated where the patient manages their health record, pays for the consultation using their credit/debit cards with over 130+ different global currencies, and consult via video. No extra software to be download, No multiple systems.
No, an e-prescription as specified in the guidelines will be sufficient. However, it should comply with the guidelines as mentioned and must be written by a qualified specialist surgeon. All our surgeons of World Laparoscopy Hospital will send you a digital prescription and just by seeing medicine on your mobile, the chemist will dispense medicine to you.
No. We do not recommend or provide online consultations for emergencies. However, our emergency medical services are available round-the-clock which can be accessed by calling toll-free number 1800 103 4191 or clicking the ‘Emergency’ tab on the homepage of our website or mobile app of World Laparoscopy Hospital.
If you've missed a call from the doctor, you can go to the chat window and request a call by simply chatting with the staff of World Laparoscopy Hospital. In case the doctor is unavailable, you can reschedule the consultation. If you aren't happy with the date and timings, you can email us at contact@laparoscopyhospital.com, and we'll get back to you in no time with a better solution.
This may happen due to poor internet connectivity or due to some technical glitch. In such cases, please check your internet connection and if the issue persists, please email us at contact@laparoscopyhospital.com with the screenshot of the error and we will get this checked from our end.

Most of the time this is due to a poor internet connection as our server has a dedicated 10 GBPS network connection and it is very unlikely that connection will drop at our end. If it happens we will re-schedule the consultation without any extra cost. Second-time consultation will be free.
To book an online appointment with a specialist doctor, you can select the specialty from the displayed list or type in the name of the specialty. Once you select the specialty, you will be shown a list of doctors and their availability. If you wish to book an online appointment for a later time, you can choose the date of your choice. You can also choose to schedule for the Later option after selecting the doctor and clicking on the ‘Consult Now’ button. At the time of payment also in the note section, you can specify the date of consultation.

In most of the case after payment, our staff will call on your mobile and discuss the date and time of your convenience for online consultation.
If for some reason, you are unsatisfied with the quality of the consultation, you can claim a refund by emailing us at contact@laparoscopyhospital.com
You can book an online consultation either on the website or the mobile app of World Laparoscopy Hospital in two ways. You need to just pay 1000 rupees online through World Laparoscopy Hospital online payment gateway. After Receiving the Consultation Fee, the secretary of Dr. R.K. Mishra (Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon) will call you and fix the appropriate time for video conferencing.
As soon as the consultation is finished we will send your prescription by email. Your prescription will be saved on my server and you can ask for a duplicate copy of this anytime in the future.
Online consultations are prepaid and the payment can be made by either of the given ways – Paytm, Debit/Credit Card, and Netbanking. 
The Guidelines have laid down strict norms for the registered medical professionals not to breach the privacy of the patients in any form. However, the World Laparoscopy Hospital cannot be held responsible if there is a piece of reasonable evidence to believe that patient’s privacy and confidentiality has been compromised by a technology breach or by a person other than World Laparoscopy Hospital.
Once you book an online consultation on our app online, you will get 15 minutes to speak to the doctor. This window can, however, change according to your health condition and the number of queries you have. There is no strict time limitation. As long as the doctor wants we can allow him to talk online.
In this case, our staff will call you on your mobile and give you instructions on what to do. You can also call on 9811416838 for help. It is not meant to be for technology-savvy people only. The underlying experience that we have focussed on is ease of use. So if you can operate a simple website/email then you should be able to use the site without any hassle.
Yes, you may call the emergency number of World Laparoscopy Hospital for an advice for a medical emergency, but you cannot insist on advice if the doctor on duty chooses not to reply or give any specific advice. Depending upon the patient's condition sometimes it is necessary to see the patient physically before giving any reply.

You can call on toll-free number: 1800 103 4191
We have World Class Payment Gateways to Maximize the Number of Banks and to Cover All the International Credit Card. You can use the above Payment Gateway Link to Pay your online consultation Fee. World Laparoscopy Hospital has an Extended Validation SSL Certificate with full organization validation. 
World Laparoscopy Hospital is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines. Health records are kept totally secure and only shared between the doctor and the patient. There is nothing more important to us than keeping your data secure.
Yes. The prescription generated during the online consultation is as good as a physical prescription and will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue (as per government regulations).
System Requirements -

World Laparoscopy Hospital's online consultation platform supports any computer that has an Internet connection webcam and a microphone. Our smartphone and tablet apps will work on Android and iOS platforms. 

Internet Requirements -

The service will work excellent on a minimum Internet speed of 256 Kbps. The quality of the video is directly dependent on the speed of the Internet. The service works on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. In case for any reason, there is a drop in the bandwidth during the consultation, the call will downgrade into an Audio mode and the video will be enabled back as soon as the bandwidth is back to the minimum requirement. 
We understand that sometimes treatments/procedures can go beyond schedule. In case you are not able to attend the appointment, you have the option to recommend another time to the patient and if accepted by the patient, the appointment will be rescheduled else the full payment will be refunded back to the customer.
A doctor who has done a specialization/training in a specific area of medicine after completing his/her M.B.B.S degree is known as a specialist doctor. He/she can treat complex health issues that a primary doctor may be unable to. At World Laparoscopy Hospital we have all the doctors with a post-graduate qualifications in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.
There could be 2 scenarios:

(1) The payment got authorized by the bank but the communication of the same was not received by the Payment Gateway. In this case, your account will get debited by the bank. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped. We receive a confirmation from the bank later and then we initiate a refund for the payment to the customer's account.

(2) The payment didn't get authorized by the bank. In this case, your account will not be debited and we don't get any further updates from the banks. The payment status will be Initiated/Failed/Dropped.
If your audio/video call/video connection gets disconnected during the online consultation, you would receive another call within a few minutes provided your internet connection is stable.
World Laparoscopy Hospital always works hard and does all about making your healthcare experience better. Our systems will automatically detect the drop in your Internet bandwidth and turn the video on low resolution. The HD video session will be restored when the network is back to the required speed. In the worst connection scenario, the video will be turned off and the consultation will move to an audio-only mode. The video will resume once the bandwidth has been restored.
The minimum fee for online consultation with our senior consultant surgeon is 1000 rupees. After online consultation, if you come next time to the hospital for physical consultation again this 1000 rupees will not be charged. Your one physical consultation will be free after the online consultation.
When you speak to a surgeon of World Laparoscopy Hospital about your health concerns through audio/video consultation, it is known as an online doctor consultation or online medical consultation. This is a good alternative for times when you cannot visit a doctor physically at the World Laparoscopy Hospital. An online doctor consultation works the same way as a physical consultation where you get a prescription after the consultation is complete. Some of the benefits of an online medical consultation at WLH are that you can consult a doctor at the convenience of your home and you can maintain your complete privacy.
Online consultation fee payment is 100% safe. Typically, an online bill pay service that is backed by a bank or a company that provides Online banking services will be safe and reliable. Compared to everyday transactions people take for granted, such as handing a credit card, online bill paying is far safer. This is because online bill pay services encrypt your data to keep it secure and utilize multi-step identification verification processes and password protections. In contrast, a person who handles your credit card during a transaction can easily copy your credit card account information and potentially use it to make unauthorized purchases. We do not entertain payment through any travel agency or Medical tourism agent. So, the patients are requested to apply directly for this paid online consultation without keeping them in between them and World Laparoscopy Hospital. During this online consultation, your privacy will be maintained, and the time of appointment will be fixed with the mutual consent of the patient and doctor. If due to any reason or technical error, online conferencing would not be possible with our surgeon, then the fee will be refunded.
If your health concern is complex and your physician feels that it needs the attention of a specialist surgeon, you will be referred to one laparoscopic or robotic surgeon. You can also consult a specialist doctor if you aren’t satisfied with the treatment/results of your primary doctor, you are struggling with a condition that is not improving, you have been diagnosed with a complex chronic condition, etc.
As of date all Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) under IMC Act, 1956 can provide telemedicine consultations but only after they qualify the prerequisites. They should be licensed MBBS doctors with proper registration with the state medical council. All the doctors of World Laparoscopy Hospital are qualified with a postgraduate specialization in Minimal Access Surgery
A specialist doctor is trained to treat complex health conditions which your primary doctor may not be able to. Our surgeons are qualified minimal access surgeons, Hence, if you are diagnosed with a complex chronic condition, it is best that you consult a specialist doctor. However, for other normal and generic health conditions, you can visit a primary doctor.
Yes. If you cancel the online consultation, the refund for the same will reflect in your account within 5 to 7 working days. No question will be asked and you can cancel your consultation at any time.
Yes. Most of the insurance companies will pay for online consultation. To know if your online consultation is covered in your health insurance policy, you will need to get in touch with your insurance provider. They will be able to guide you on the same.
Yes, the following are specified in the guidelines:

If the specialist doctor has prescribed medicines, he will issue a prescription as per the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations and shall not contravene the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules. the specialist doctor shall provide a photo, scan, a digital copy of a signed prescription or e-Prescription to the patient via email or any messaging platform. In case the specialist doctor is transmitting the prescription directly to a pharmacy, he/ she must ensure explicit consent of the patient that entitles him/her to get the medicines dispensed from any pharmacy of his/ her choice


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