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Affordable Low Cost Robotic Surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital
General Surgery / Jul 4th, 2014 9:57 am     A+ | a-

There have been lots of developments in the medical field over the past years and one of these has been in the surgical field. The number of surgical processes being undertaken in hospitals every day are so many that medical practitioners have gone an extra mile to innovate new ways of performing surgical processes. Today, robots are being used to perform minimal access surgery and Laparoscopy Hospital is one of the major hospitals that have fully implemented the use of robotic surgery.
Robotic surgery has numerous advantages such as reducing the pain that the patient feels during the surgical process, reducing surgical complications and increasing the surgical outcomes. With robotic surgery, the surgical procedure is done through small ports instead of large cuts, and this reduces recovery time by a great deal meaning that the patient’s wound heals very quickly. 
World Laparoscopy Hospital has been in the forefront to innovate treatment techniques that reduces the cost of treatment and time of recovery. With robotic surgery, the hospital is confident of achieving its objective of providing high quality surgical services. Some of the surgical treatments that are implemented by robotic surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital include: neurosurgery, gastrointestinal laparoscopic surgery, urologic surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, gynecologic procedures, and orthopedic procedures. Patients in need of any of these surgical procedures can benefit from robotic surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital.
There are numerous benefits from robotic surgery services offered at World Laparoscopy Hospital. Some of these include: less risk of infection, greater surgical precision, shorter recovery period, less blood loss, reduced trauma to the patient, less pain during and after the procedure, improved ergonomics, makes operations simpler, among others. Therefore World Laparoscopy Hospital is using advanced technology to make surgical procedures affordable to many people. 
World Laparoscopy Hospital (WLH) is a nonprofit super specialty academic medical institute that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education in Minimal Access Surgery.

WLH was founded in 2001 by Dr. R. K. Mishra as a center of excellence, to provide advanced surgical treatment through minimal access surgery. The hospital provides high quality health care services to patients together with laparoscopic, endoscopic and da Vinci Robotic Surgery education and training. They use advanced technology to ensure that the services they offer are up to world class standard. The main objective of WLH is to provide efficient access to affordable medical care and comprehensive medical research and education. Their services are recognized in more than 200 countries worldwide.        
Sulaiman Ahmed
Jun 14th, 2020 4:24 am
An Excellent video of Robotic Surgery. Thanks, Dr. Mishra for providing robotic treatment at a low cost. Many patient want robotic surgery treatment but can not afford the cost of surgery.
Mohit Mishra
Jun 14th, 2020 4:32 am
Sir, you are doing a great job for poor people. Thanks for this opportunity.
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