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Laparoscopic Surgery Mobile Application
WLH / Jun 15th, 2014 1:06 pm     A+ | a-

A mobile application to learn laparoscopic and da vinci robotic surgical treatment is launched by World Laparoscopy Hospital in Gurgaon, India. This excellent laparoscopic surgery mobile application is produced by a team of software personnel and surgeons of WLH which is useful for surgeons, urologists or gynecologists, who wish to learn laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The “Laparoscopic Mobile application” are available easily with a Search and could be downloaded inside a minute by going to the Apple Store or Google Play. 
This mobile application of laparoscopic surgery allows the trainee surgeon to determine the laparoscopic and robotic surgery step by step in video format. The surgical community would benefit from a scientific training module of laparoscopic and robotic surgery including guidelines for training and credentialing. 
The World Laparoscopy Hospital in Gurgaon India continues to provide laparoscopic training for surgeons and gynecologists since 2001 and it is considered as a center of excellence for laparoscopic and robotic surgery training. According to Dr. R.K. Mishra, Director of World Laparoscopy Hospital, “This unique Laparoscopic Mobile Application is very helpful for general surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, and bariatric surgeons who want to discover the technique of laparoscopic surgery.” It is available as a totally free downlodable application on every mobile application platform, like Apple store, Windows phone store, Blackberry store and Google Play.
Now the doctors using this application do not need to record video and integrate it using their laparoscopic cameras and mobile devices. Additionally, playing back the laparoscopic video about this mobile application allows surgeons and gynecologists to determine the things they will learn following the "Hands On" part of the course at World Laparoscopy Hospital. 
Trainee doctors have access to the laparoscopic article, laparoscopic lectures and surgery videos and images through this application which is uploaded by the faculty of World Laparoscopy Hospital. Doctors can learn surgical operative techniques directly from their cellular devices while using appropriate media-specific software. This mobile application will help doctors track and manage the progress of CME, from turning in Fellowship and Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery assignments to reminders to pick up the CME certificate.
The laparoscopic surgery mobile application will allow minimal access surgeons to mark once they started a CME, when it's in progress in a learning curve, so when one surgical task is complete. On this application instructors can post this news related to laparoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgery. Trainee surgeons and gynecologists have instant, on-the-go accessibility latest announcements. Users can read and discuss articles around the globe Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery. Both students and WLH instructors can discuss the journals. The planet Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery is the quarterly peer reviewed official publication around the globe Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons.
This application may be used on any mobile phone of choice. Doctors can quickly search, read, and compose emails; review documents; manage contacts and schedule meetings with colleagues. An optimal interface minimizes training requirements also it intervention turns into a thing of the past. Mobile apps of World Laparoscopy Hospital can sync with lecture video files from WLH. If this is the situation, any slides that surgeons dress in the desktop will be able to be shown around the mobile version too.
Mobile application of World Laparoscopy Hospital can sync easily may be the news and laparoscopic blog RSS; and surgeons can get all the latest news of Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery on their Palm Top. World Laparoscopy Hospital Mobile application is really a great tool for any surgeons or gynecologists that do not want to miss anything important happening in the field of Minimal Access Surgery.
Using this laparoscopic mobile application, trainee doctors can view master class lectures, laparoscopic videos, Master class lectures and operative procedures of laparoscopic surgery anywhere they want. This laparoscopic mobile application also brings the laparoscopic news from around the world. According to the consensus use of SAGES, repeated viewing associated with a laparoscopic procedure helps minimal access surgeon to memorize the job analysis of any surgery. Mobile apps have one clear advantage generally, a well-made app can provide a much better consumer experience than every websites are capable of at this time. Actually, many people prefer an application for his or her smartphones or tablets instead of accessing the web site. More and more interaction online occurs on mobile devices. 
Over five billion mobile subscribers (that's about 77% from the world’s population) are online. This new kind of simple access for consumers is catching on with a staggering quantity of smartphone owners purchasing goods and services using their phone. This is reported inside a survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey this year. The mobile apps provides better overall user experience on the smartphone compared to website.
Based on Dr. R. K. Mishra, “The World Laparoscopy Hospital mobile application is free of charge and anyone can start laparoscopic training experience on their own smartphone or their tablet on the go." One of the most fantastic thing about this application would be that the most of the resources of WLH mobile applications are free for anyone who will download it. Only 10% of the resources can only be used by the surgeons and gynecologists who have taken training at World Laparoscopy Hospital. This app is advised to every surgeon and gynecologists who want to enhance their laparoscopic skills.
According to Dr. J. S. Chowhan, Associate Director of WLH, “In the near future this mobile application will broadcast all of the live surgeries from the operating room of World Laparoscopy Hospital.” In the next version of this app user can also get the chance of taking video of the live surgery while they are operating plus they can share their surgical skill along with other colleagues of remote proctoring and remote mentoring is going to be possible. The future has become definitely of smart phones and handheld devices. Later on many new applications will launch for minimal access surgeons.
Dr. Anna
Jun 14th, 2020 5:28 am
Great news for doctors. All doctors can learn laparoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgical treatment on the mobile app. Thanks for this excellent opportunity.
Dr. Atul Mehra
Jun 14th, 2020 5:33 am
Dr. Mishra, You are always performing a leadership role in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Thanks for providing a great opportunity to learn surgery on mobile.
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