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Nature and Nurture both is required to become a laparoscopic surgeon
General Surgery / Jun 6th, 2014 2:42 pm     A+ | a-

True, training and repetition are crucial to mastering any skill, but surely, even with time of intense practice, many people cannot develop their minimal access surgical skill and some have an element of innate ability fueling their success as an excellent minimal access surgeon. Otherwise, with some labor and perseverance, any person may potentially become a specialist laparoscopic surgeon, and it is very clear this is not the case. So, truly the amount of a laparoscopic surgeon skill is intrinsic and how much could be developed through hard work?

Few surgeons have a genetic makeup given by NATURE that makes them expert laparoscopic surgeon plus some surgeon has NATURE to operate so difficult they do intense practice to become a laparoscopic surgeon. So Nature and Nurture both is required to become a laparoscopic surgeon. Some laparoscopic surgeons simply have a present skill, while some, no matter how much training they endure, won't ever measure up. The NATURE and NATURE is needed to be a laparoscopic surgeon the extent that our genes or environment influence behavior has been debated for many years.

Certain people possess a genes given by NATURE that makes them more susceptible to environmental influences and others more resilient and through their NATURE of hard work they achieve success. Recently, scientists have been seeking to epigenetics to answers how our genes and environment interact to describe behavior or determine, for instance, whether we'll create a disease. Epigenetics is really a hugely complex field, however the crux is the fact that small molecules bind to, or unbind from, our DNA, prompting certain genes to turn off or on. However, teasing out what causes certain genes to be expressed or not remains problematic.

It is mystry that how much can are your diet, exercise routines, levels of stress, friends really impact us on the level of our genes? We do not yet have answers. Keeping this in mind, the question of whether laparoscopic surgeons are born or made gets to be more convoluted. On one level, perhaps some minimal access surgeons possess the right mix of natural ability and dedication to achieve the degree of mastery, and perhaps others won't ever reach that level regardless of how enough time they spend in Hands On training.

But it is interesting to think about how epigenetics may element in too. As recent work suggests, there may be more subtle influences that play right into a person’s success. For instance, whether watching our parents practice their professions obsessively can influence the amount to which we're motivated to rehearse. In other words, may be the tendency to rehearse something more genetic, epigenetic or trained? Or, perhaps these influences are too subtle to make a difference in NATURE. Minimal Access surgeons still debate the amount and excellence of resident laparoscopic Hands On training and also the disparities in patient outcomes after surgery, I wonder whether it's easy to garner greater insight into the way the best of the best train, live, think and exercise by their NATURE will let us understand how all surgeons can strengthen their surgical skills.

Jun 14th, 2020 5:40 am
Sir, thanks for sharing your knowledge with this video. I watched your video and will try to become a perfect Laparoscopy surgeon. Thank you so much.
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Jun 14th, 2020 5:46 am
I am happy with the content of this video, Dr. Mishra is energetic and explains the knowledge very well. Thanks.
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