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Endometriosis Fulguration and Interceed Application
General Surgery / May 24th, 2014 12:42 pm     A+ | a-
Endometriosis is caused when inner most lining of the uterus called endometrium is located thriving elsewhere in the body. Most usually it get migrated in the female pelvis, but may even in many situation it can be implanted in remote locations.
Endometriosis can be found any where in the female pelvis. Specific locations of endometriosis have been found on every pelvic organ, such as the uterus, ovaries, tubes, ligaments, ureters, bowel, bladder, and other peritoneal surfaces. Endometriosis has additionally been found rarely, elsewhere in patient's body, including brain, diaphragm, lungs as well as remote locations like the back of the knee. 
In endometriosis both glands and stroma should be present for an analysis of endometriosis, but recent reports suggest ectopic endometrium alone without stroma is enough to make a diagnosis of endometriosis. 

Roughly 176 million reproductive age group women and girls coping with endometriosis globally, based on the World Endometriosis Research Foundation. Some researchers think that genetics can predispose a lady to endometriosis. Several studies are ongoing to isolate the 'endometriosis gene'. Generally accepted figures for incidence of endometriosis are 12-15%. 

Endometriosis Abalation with spatula is treatment of choice in mild cases. Laparoscopic surgery and uterosacral nerve ablation (LUNA) disrupts the parasympathetic ganglia in the uterosacral ligaments which carry pain signals in the uterus, cervix and other pelvic structures. Randomized controlled trials show that LUNA during the time of laparoscopy does not decrease pain, dysmenorrhea, dysparunia or dyschezia, and therefore LUNA is not recommended in all the cases.

Presacral neurectomy (PSN) is also practiced by some laparoscopic surgeon who excises the presacral neural plexus which carries pain signals in the uterus and cervix. A randomized controlled trial of laparoscopic surgery without or with PSN showed that the severity, but not the frequency of pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia was significantly less at Twelve months in women undergoing PSN.
May 21st, 2020 1:12 pm
Excellent video of Laparoscopic Endometriosis Fulguration and Interceed Application. Really interesting. Thank you for posting such a useful video very informative and educative.
Dr. Lilly
Jun 14th, 2020 10:26 am
I love your techniques. Very helpful and excellent video quality. Thanks for sharing of Endometriosis Fulguration and Interceed Application video.
Dr. Chadni Rai
Jun 14th, 2020 10:33 am
This video is excellent in presentation. Excellent surgery technic and also safe. Thanks for posting Endometriosis Fulguration and Interceed Application video.
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