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da Vinci Robotic Ovarian Cystectomy for Dermoid Cyst of Ovary
Robotic Surgery / Mar 27th, 2013 3:10 pm     A+ | a-
Conventional open surgery has been the standard for most gynecological procedures since hundreds of year because once upon a time it was thought that they can be too delicate and complex for laparoscopy minimally invasive surgery. But now, da Vinci robotic surgery allows women a smaller abdominal incision, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery period. Da Vinci uses small incisions closed without sutures, resulting in less pain and blood loss, usually only an overnight hospital stay, and just a few days required for healing and return to everyday activities.
The Da Vinci Robot adds a helpful tool for complex surgery such as radical cancer surgery (radical hysterectomy) or surgery on people who may be challenging because of their size (very over weight). For dermoid cyst of Ovary it is an important tool which has many advantage as: 
1. Precise dissection
2. Complete Excesion
3. Less Pain
4. Faster Recovery
5. Shorter Hospital Stay etc..
The enhanced 3-dimensional High definition visualization and control available to The World Laparoscopy Hospital physicians through the da Vinci Surgical System enables them to reach the ovaries using tiny incisions, rather than the large incision used in open surgery. da Vinci Robotic technology provides surgeons with a superior tool to remove cysts (and ovaries, if necessary) with greater precision than open or other minimally invasive approaches.
Dr. Ansuya Rai
Jun 17th, 2020 2:09 pm
Your video is superb. I am very afraid of my cyst surgery but by watching this video. I am very much relaxed thank you. Thanks for sharing da Vinci Robotic Ovarian Cystectomy for Dermoid Cyst of Ovary video.
Dr. Mayank Tripathy
Jun 17th, 2020 2:16 pm
Great presentation and nice demonstration I will challenge nobody will explain and demonstrate the way how you do. Thanks for sharing this video of da Vinci Robotic Ovarian Cystectomy for Dermoid Cyst of Ovary.
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