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Knotless suturing device for laparoscopic surgery
General Surgery / Jan 11th, 2013 8:51 am     A+ | a-
 Knotless Suture
A barbed suture is a type of knotless surgical suture containing barbs on its surface. While suturing tissue, these barbs penetrate inside tissue and lock them in place, eliminating the necessity for knots to tie the suture. Conventional sutures rely on a surgeon's capability to tie secure knots, whilst barbed sutures provide a knotless alternative in some surgical situations. Barbed sutures are primarily employed in laparoscopic surgery. Barbed sutures are available in a variety of both absorbable and non-absorbable monofilament materials. Barbed suture is available as both unidirectional and bidirectional. Unidirectional barbed sutures are similarly manufactured from monofilament fibers, but needles are swaged onto only 1 end whereas the other end maintains a welded closed loop to facilitate initial suture anchoring
The unidirectional barbs precisely understand the tissue at numerous points, providing distribution of tension through the wound. Covidien's V-Loc™ knotless suturing system is now available like a reload that works while using Company's proprietary Endo Stitch™ and SILS™ Stitch suturing devices for multi-port and single-port laparoscopic surgery. The newest device can increase operating room efficiency during weight loss surgery along with other procedures. The efficient barb and welded loop design speeds laparoscopic suturing by reducing the necessity to tie any knots.
Laparoscopic surgery uses a tremendous amount of surgical stapling and suturing to ensure anastomotic closure. A chance to suture internal tissue laparoscopically with no need to tie knots might help surgeons shorten one of the most labor-intensive tasks performed during advanced general surgical and gynecological surgery. 
By combining proprietary automated needle-passing technology with a knotless suturing device, the V-Loc device for Endo Stitch and SILS Stitch devices offers distinctive benefits over hand suturing and conventional automated suturing options. The V-Loc device for usage with Endo Stitch carries a unique barb and loop design, enabling faster suturing by eliminating the need to tie any knots and saving surgeons 35-42% almost daily forced to suture in the body, based on a current pre-clinical study. When compared with conventional suturing, the proprietary Endo Stitch™ suturing device can help to save 45-70% of laparoscopic suturing time, studies show. 
When confronted with newer barbed sutures, many surgeons are initially skeptical intended for the potency of the knotless, barbed suture lines as opposed to traditional knotted, smooth suture lines. Even though data are limited and almost exclusively based on studies with bidirectional suture, barbed suture lines seem to be a minimum of as strong or else stronger than traditional knotted, smooth suture lines. Although conventional sutures lose tensile strength at and round the knots, the knotless, barbed suture just isn't be subject to this hazard. This is clearly evident in vitro in a comparison with the straight-pull strengths of barbed sutures as opposed to the knot-pull strengths of these smooth suture equivalent.
As barbed suture self-anchors at approximately every 1 mm of tissue, you will find there's more uniform distribution of wound tension across the suture line as compared to conventional running smooth suture, yielding more consistent wound opposition. The anchoring of barbed suture resists migration and is conceptualized being a “continuous interrupted” suture without all of the knots. Two separate studies demonstrate this point nicely by looking at suture line strength at your fingertips tendon repairs and parapatellar arthrotomy repairs
Dr. Neetyanand
Jun 19th, 2020 3:49 am
Thanks for sharing this awesome video of the knotless suturing device for laparoscopic surgery
.You are the absolute best. Thanks.
Dr. Abdullah
Jun 19th, 2020 3:53 am
I really appreciate the excellent educational article and knowledge you share with the all people. Thanks for posting this outstanding article of Knotless suturing device for laparoscopic surgery.
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