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Patient Information Brochure for Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery
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Laparoscopic Appendectomy

What is the appendix?

The appendix is a tube-like body organ that is a couple of centimeters long. It is affixed to the beginning of your large intestine, or colon. This is usually below and also to the right of your belly button.

You probably know that the appendix can end up being inflamed. If the appendix needs to be gotten rid of, you can live without your appendix as well as not create any type of long-term problems.

What is an appendectomy?

This is a kind of surgery to get rid of the appendix. Elimination of the appendix treatments appendicitis. If appendicitis is without treatment, it may rupture and cause extremely major disease or even fatality.

Appendectomy is a common surgery and many people have actually had their appendix got rid of. One way to eliminate the appendix is by making one larger cut, or incision, this is referred to as an open appendectomy. Laparoscopic appendectomy gets rid of the appendix utilizing small incisions.

How is a Laparoscopic Appendectomy Performed?

You will certainly get anesthetized this implies that you are asleep during the surgical treatment. When the surgical procedure is completed, the surgeon closes your cut with little stitches, staples, medical tape, or adhesive. When you are asleep, the surgeon makes an incision near your belly button and also inserts a little tool called a port. The port creates an opening that your surgeon can use to fill up the abdominal area with gas. This produces space to do the operation. Next off, a small electronic camera is inserted through the port. The cam shows the surgical treatment on a display in the operating room. Once the doctor can see plainly, they placed in more ports to put long, narrow tools to carry out the procedure.

Finally, they delicately remove your appendix and take it out with one of the cuts. Many operations require 3 cuts, but this can differ from 1 to 4, based on various conditions.

Your doctor could make use of a medical robot to do your procedure. It is done the same way as explained above. This is frequently described as robot surgical treatment.

Your surgical procedure team may put in a little plastic tube called a "drainpipe" throughout the surgical procedure. This allows fluid to drain from the surgery area while you are recovering, so it does not build up and also triggers issues. Your physician will take out the drainpipe later on.

If the swelling of your appendix is more complex, a larger cut might be needed to complete the surgical procedure securely. Your surgeon will make this choice during the operation.

Benefits of laparoscopic appendectomy?

The outcomes might vary depending upon the kind of surgery and your basic health and wellness. Yet the most typical benefits of laparoscopic surgical treatment are:

Much less pain after surgery
A much shorter time in the hospital
Getting back to regular tasks quicker
Having regular defecation faster
A smaller scar

Is laparoscopic appendectomy right for you?

Ask your specialist if a laparoscopic appendectomy is the very best choice for you. In certain scenarios, you could need a surgical procedure with one bigger cut.

What Occurs if I can not have my Appendix removed Laparoscopically?

Some people can not have laparoscopic appendix elimination. You could have open surgery with one large laceration if you are one of these individuals. Some reasons for having or switching over to open up surgery are:

Your appendix is really irritated or there is an abscess (a large location of germs build-up).
Your appendix has perforated (burst).
You have a serious obesity
You have scar tissue in your abdomen from earlier surgical treatment or
The doctor can not see your body organs
You have bleeding troubles during the surgery

It is not a problem if your specialist decides to switch to open-up surgery. They will certainly change if open surgical treatment is the safest option for you. Your surgeon may not know this until after the laparoscopy begins. They will use their ideal judgment concerning the safest surgery for you.

What are the Possible Problems of Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

complications of laparoscopic appendectomy do not happen often. They can consist of bleeding, infection in the surgical treatment area, ruptures, embolism, and also heart troubles. You need to also know that any kind of surgical procedure has the risk of hurting various other body parts. This is not most likely, yet it is feasible. Appendix surgical treatment can harm nearby locations such as the bladder, large intestine (colon), or small intestine. You might require one more surgical treatment if this happens.

There is a small risk of an abscess (collection of pus/bacteria) complying with the surgical procedure if the inflammation of the appendix is severe at the time of the surgical procedure. This may call for more treatment.

The majority of issues from appendectomy are unusual, which indicates they practically never occur. If you are worried about any type of feasible complications, ask your surgeon.

What to Expect After Surgical Appendectomy?

You might go home the day you have your surgery, or you could remain in the medical facility overnight. \ If the appendix had already perforated (ruptured), you may be in the healthcare facility for a longer period of time.

Will I be in pain?

You will feel some discomfort after surgery. Discomfort at the incision and also in your abdominal area is common. You could likewise have pain in your shoulders. This is from the co2 put into your abdomen throughout the procedure. The shoulder discomfort goes away in 24 to 48 hours. You can take non-prescription medicines to relieve discomfort unless your physician tells you not to take over-the-counter drugs. Your doctor may suggest a percentage of numbing pain medication to help you with pain. Lots of people recover from surgical treatment without taking any type of numbing medication, but some will certainly need narcotics for a few days. If you have questions concerning discomfort after surgical treatment, ask the surgeon or your registered nurses. They must have the ability to inform you how long the discomfort will certainly last and what to anticipate. You could really feel sick to your belly (nauseated) or throw up (vomit) after your surgical treatment. Having surgical treatment and also anesthesia can make this happen. You will feel much better in a day or more.


You need to be as active as your body permits. Doctors suggest walking. You can go up and down stairways on the day of your surgery The next day, you might take your bandage off, if you have them, as well as take a shower. You will feel a little much better each day after going house. Otherwise, please call your physician. You can most likely go back to regular activity concerning a week after laparoscopic appendectomy. If you do a physical job with heavy lifting, ask your physician when you can return to function. If you had an open surgical procedure with a big incision, you may require even more time to recover. Your specialist will recommend you when you may go back to regular tasks. You will possibly recover a lot more gradually in other methods, too. Your doctor can inform you what to expect.

When to see your doctor after surgery?

You require to see your surgeon 1 to 4 weeks after the surgical procedure.

When to Contact Your Doctor After Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

Make sure to call your surgeon or family practitioner if you have any one of the issues below.

Fever over 101 levels F (38.5 C).
Extreme discomfort or swelling in the abdomen.
Really feeling unwell to your belly or regurgitating (nausea or vomiting)-- Call your medical professional if you can not eat.
Blood or pus coming from any one of the tiny cuts in the surgical treatment location-- Or redness that spreads or obtains.
Pain that your medications do not aid.
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Aug 31st, 2021 10:28 am
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