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Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training
General Surgery / Dec 16th, 2012 5:57 am     A+ | a-

The relation between a man and a machine is always needed, more so in the field of medicine in which precision and accuracy matters. With new methods to perform medical operations coming in, studies like Laparoscopic Surgery Training, Robotic Surgery Training, and Endoscopic Training are turning out to be necessities in the field.

At World Laparoscopy Hospital, all this is common knowledge. The immediate need for ‘minimal access surgery’ – a form of surgery in which there is minimal human interaction is understood. The need to train doctors and medical students in such areas can help save more lives than in the conventional methods. Some rave reviews have been received by the Hospital from established organizations like the International Accreditation Organization and World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons which state how the field today is more efficient because of the institution. World-class facilities are given to students in: Laparoscopic Surgery Training – a form of surgery that uses technology for performing abdomen operations and operations in and around the abdomen; Robotic Surgery Training – surgery using robotic machinery as well as advanced technology with minimum human interaction; Endoscopic Training – surgery using endoscopes etc...

Fellowships and diplomas are also offered to students as well who want to make their medical careers both fun-filled and glorious. With a wide range of techniques and professions to choose from, students can be assured of a learning experience that not only trains them to be doctors and surgeons but also makes them experts in their respective fields. The equipment available is specifically made by premier quality companies for the World Laparoscopy Hospital keeping the rapidly advancing technology in mind. Valued services such as “Hands On” training which train the patients themselves for the necessary laparoscopic and robotic treatments are provided as well. Various resources from videos to articles to texts are available at the student’s convenience. Comfortable accommodation facilities and travel facilities are provided to the students as well. A certification from the World Laparoscopy Hospital has been acknowledged as top-notch all around the world. Many lives have been both saved and bettered; thanks to the brilliant team available there and the resourceful equipment present. All students so far have achieved excellence in their fields and today are serving in some of the country’s finest medical institutions. At a time when medicine and technology are more necessary than ever, the World Laparoscopy Hospital is the perfect savior. 
Dr. William
Jun 20th, 2020 4:23 am
Fantastic! I am so impressed, Dr. Mishra explained so nicely, very interesting, and well educative. I am highly recommended this course for our friends and doctors.
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