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Laparoscopic Surgery Training Course In Dubai
WLH / Jun 4th, 2017 10:59 am     A+ | a-

Dubai, UAE: World Laparoscopy Hospital announced the commencement of Laparoscopic surgery training program for surgeons, gynecologists and urologists. The facility for Laparoscopic Surgery Training at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Dubai is a state-of-the-art training facility for health care professionals and it is among the best and most advanced Minimally Invasive training facility in the World. 
The training is open to surgeons and gynecologists from America, Europe, Gulf Countries, Africa and Australia. The training is structured to have two parts. Firstly, the candidates will be trained on laparoscopic surgeries within the ultramodern laparoscopic HD wet operating room of the World Laparoscopy Hospital; this will be followed by live exposure to live Laparoscopic surgery in operation theatre with expert consultants. The candidates will be trained with top quality laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery facilities; these include the use of animal lab, dry lab and HD virtual reality platform. 
Dr R K Mishra, a world renowned laparoscopic specialist and the director of World Laparoscopy Hospital said: “Our Laparoscopic Surgery Training course for gynecologists and surgeons is absolute candidates oriented and it is structured with the aim of imparting the fundamentals of laparoscopy surgery while also exposing the candidates to advanced theoretical and practical experience in laparoscopic surgery. We will also emphasis on daily practical problems encountered while operating on patients.” Dr R K Mishra will be present during the training to direct the entire course and also to personally train candidates on laparoscopic surgery procedures. 
The Laparoscopic surgery Training course will hold in Dubai from 25th to 30th of every month, the training comprises of 8 hours of daily intensive Hands On training of all essential and advanced laparoscopic procedures in laparoscopic general surgery, laparoscopic gynecological surgery and laparoscopic urological surgery. The training has two levels which are beginner and intermediate. The training is structured in the way that gives the surgeons, gynecologists and urologists the ability to perform all the taught laparoscopic surgery on their own. Surgeons, gynecologists and urologists will stand to gain immensely from this Laparoscopic training program. 
For further information, please contact:
World Laparoscopy Hospital, 
Building 27 Block A, Healthcare City, 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
Dr. Nitin
Apr 25th, 2020 1:01 pm
I joined this course last year. Awesome teaching style! Dr. Mishra is one of the most interesting professors. His knowledge was truly impressive.

May 11th, 2020 4:23 pm
World's Most Popular Laparoscopic Surgery training Institute now opened in Dubai, I am really excited to join this Training Program. It;s really great to learn Laparoscopy Surgery from Dr R. K. Mishra.
May 15th, 2020 2:03 pm
World Laparoscopic training Institute one of the best leading training institute in the World. WLH open new training Institutes in the Dubai region. I had a very good experience in learn Laparoscopy surgery from Duabi. The Instructor Prof Dr. R. K. Mishra was the best in Teaching, way of his Explanation,Demonstration really amazing. This makes World Laparoscopic training Institute stand out in the world for the highest Teaching quality of Laparoscopic surgery training in Dubai, USA. INDIA.
May 21st, 2020 11:16 am
World Laparoscopy Hospital is an Great institute of Laparoscopy and Robotic surgery Training in the world. Dr. Mishra your surgical skill is really amazing.
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