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Requirement of an ideal Robotic surgery Training Institute
Robotic Surgery / Aug 9th, 2014 11:04 am     A+ | a-
The robotic surgery is advancement in the medical and robotic science technologies. This technology helps the surgeon doctors to operate a surgery of any patient more perfectly and cure the organs where it is hard to operate with human hands and eyes. The robots were initially made to perform very limited functions especially in wars and most of them were of no use for the rest of nations. The first robotic operation was carried on in the Vancouver in 1985 and after then this technology moved towards the heights of success grabbing much attraction of engineers and scientists. We can also call this a robotic technology revolution. This revolution has removed the hindrance in managing minor telescopic operations and injection to organisms not only of humans but the animals, insects and plants.
There are many hospitals and clinical service providers who have shown rapidly increased intention towards the attainment of robotic technologies for their institutes and training of same to their doctors. The best part of an ideal robotic surgery institute is that it should provide extensive research opportunities for its doctors and surgeons. So that they might be able to go in search of those hidden facts in this technology still requiring improvement in the operation and surgical processes. The more deeply the surgeons understand the robotic technologies more they have command over its usage. This is the first and very important aspect required for an ideal robotic surgery institute. It is very important for the surgery institutes to win and sustain the trust of people. The surgery may be related to heart, prostate and involve many other minor and serious injuries. The management should publish the printed magazines including the major achievements of the month or year and courage the surgeons and doctors for more research and recognition. However, such institutes should meet the basic requirements of registration according to the law of that land. All the international standards must be adopted and followed, however, it is necessary that the same must be delivered to the members of the institutes, in written material. This step helps removing deficiencies among the staff and restricts them from mistakes and violation of laws. The robotic engineering firm should be registered with the surgery institute for the time to time maintenance of robotic machines and equipments.
Now-a-days, the trend has changed and world’s robotic surgery institutes are now working on mutual partnerships and they interchange their services and staff to bring continuous improvement in the institute’s rankings. This habit is immensely encouraging not only by the institute but the government and many Non Profit Organizations also support such activities. However, the major drawback is that the robotic surgeries depend on the nature of the surgery. It costs from the minimum charges to very expensive operating costs. The robotic machines are highly sensitive to dust and other un-hygiene particles. So, these institutes must register the highly trained and professional cleaning facility providing firms for protection of such expensive assets and equipment. A team of doctors and surgeons should be developed to monitor the operating activities and preparation of the database. Although, the robotic revolution has solved many medical limitations but still its requires extensive improvements in vast areas and technologies.
Dr. Vinit Sharma
Apr 27th, 2020 9:58 am
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May 19th, 2020 8:32 am
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