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Sleeve Gastrectomy is better choice for Morbid Obesity
General Surgery / Jul 26th, 2014 5:09 am     A+ | a-

It would not be wrong if I call obesity as the mother of all diseases. With the advancements in science the study of nutrition and diet is becoming more and more important and crucial as well. Everything comes with its own concealed negative side and so does the modern food menus. Here you will get everything right onto your platters, tempting your weak heart to devour into an unmindful, unhealthy and unwholesome diet. This untimed and unplanned eating can dig many levels deeper into your health. And how would you like to be called as a heart patient or a diabetic or a multiple heart attack survivor? Horrifying! Is not it? But, with at present eating, exercising and partying habits, obesity, stress and heart attacks should come as no surprise to anyone.

We always suggest people to take care of themselves in order to avoid medications and doctor’s prescriptions, as said by someone “Precaution is better than cure”, but if in case things did not turn out your way then we are here to help. Laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy! It is one such operating technique that reduces the three-fourth volume of your stomach thus, killing the excessive want of calories. There are reasons enough as to why this Laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy should be preferred over other surgical treatments.
It vanquishes all the major diseases by improving the overall health of the patient. Which includes, controlling type two diabetes, resolving issues related with high blood pressure, improving high levels of cholesterol, and resolving obstructive sleep apnea. When the other weight technologies were compared to our laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy, it was found that in the latter technique the patients lost sixty-six percent more of their weights and once operated, the good health followed up. Type two diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia are the major cause for anxiety and fatality but are successfully treated through this method of laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy.
 The other important reason as to why a patient should prefer laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy over other techniques is the fuelling efficacy, which means, once the patient is subjected to this kind of treatment, he/she recovers at a grueling speed, making it cheaper and easier on their pockets. This is why this technique is more advantageous over others. In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, the most important one is the improvement it brings with itself in the quality of lives of those surfing tragically with obesity. The patients who have undergone laparoscopy sleeve Gastrectomy technique claim that it has given them innumerable feel good reasons, which makes life easier and healthier, afterwards.  
Obesity is just not a state of health but is a medical condition which makes sure that you land up on bed, today or in a few years from now. It takes a toll on your physical health and reduces the span of life, almost to a half. It is a chronic disease which does not differentiate between a teenager and an octogenarian, its havoc strikes young and old, alike. Obesity is majorly caused by more than one single reason, over intake of calories, lack of physical activities, lack of sleep, excessive stress, and genetic vulnerabilities, to name a few. Most people do not have a proper understanding of human body metabolism therefore, they do not understand that eating amounts do not always add up to weights but metabolic rates do. The metabolism of humans differ from person to person, a reason why few people even when they eat a little, gain more of weight, comparatively. A slow metabolic rate results in heavy weight gain while a better one ensures a proper digestion therefore, keeping the body fit and healthy. So, what we understand from here is that gaining weight is not always a human flaw. 
But like every mistake, obesity can be looked upon, treated and corrected. Operative Technique of Sleeve Gastrectomy, is one such corrective measure that can loosen up your burden of obesity. Basically this technique of operation does not involve the malabsorptive component which otherwise is often brought into use for other surgical bariatric techniques. The basic concept is to bring the feeling of fullness or satisfaction in the patient without having to expose the patient with his/her daily amount of diets. The trick is to induce satiety and reduction of appetite by restricting two-thirds of the stomach size. On reducing the size of the stomach to its two-third, the intra-gastric volume automatically reduces or decreases or deflates making accommodation for larger morsels of foods tough. Doing so, reduces the wants of having to eat more in a person thereby, decreasing the levels of food consumption.
So when now you will eat more than your body requirements then the stomach layers will stretch, and this will signal the stretch receptors present in the gastric walls, these signals will be taken up by the vagus nerve to the nucleus of the solitary tract in the brainstem, which finally are leaded up to the hypothalamus and it is here the cerebral cortex decides that the stomach is filled up and the person should stop eating more.  
Dr. Ankit Sharma
Apr 27th, 2020 10:22 am
Excellent video of Sleeve Gastrectomy is better choice for Morbid Obesity. Very good video with clear and simple explanation! keep up the good work!
Dr. Vinod kumar
Apr 27th, 2020 10:24 am
This is very interesting video and this is useful learning tool for surgeon and gynecologists of the whole world. Thanks for posting of Sleeve Gastrectomy video.
Kaushik Rai
May 19th, 2020 9:42 am
I'm a medical student and I've probably watched your video's. Great technique and teaching! Thank you very much sir for uploading video of Sleeve Gastrectomy is better choice for Morbid Obesity. It was very interesting.
Jun 12th, 2020 5:46 am
Very useful knowledge given by you Sir, Because I am also suffering from this problem. Soon I will go for surgery. Thanks a lot, Sir for sharing this informative video of Sleeve Gastrectomy.
Dr. Mithlesh kumar
Jun 12th, 2020 5:53 am
A bright and outstanding lecturer of Sleeve Gastrectomy is a better choice for Morbid Obesity.
Very stimulating!! I watched this video and learn very much. Thanks.
Dr. Rianne Bryn
Jun 24th, 2020 6:36 am
Prof Dr. R. K. Mishra your teaching technique is brilliant. I understood all of it and learned so much. You are a born teacher. Totally humble - down to our level yet raising to yours. Well done !! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video presentation of sleeve gastrectomy is better choice for morbid obesity.
Dr. Tabassum
Jun 24th, 2020 7:28 am
Prof Dr. R. K. Mishra is adept at explaining pure excellence in knowledge and teaching skills, such a very impressive presentation -I understand a lot of it but intend to watch it again to the knowledge into my brain. Well done DOCTOR, you are a great educator - keep up the good transmission of knowledge! to the World.
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