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Future is Laparoscopic Surgery
WLH / Jul 19th, 2014 9:53 am     A+ | a-

Medical science has remained successful in keeping up with the fast and furious pace of the world. From the early diagnostic methods of Egyptians and Babylonians to the latest Bots indulged European surgeries, medical science has successfully scurried through all the troubles and tribulations and has steered ahead, triumphed. Talking about the present day status of medical science, the things that come to our mind every time we hear words like “surgery” are open heart surgeries, gall bladder surgeries, liver transplantations and likewise many more such operations. A part of which can be blamed on the sedentary habits that the people of this century are adopting or relying upon. Eating junk based food, improper sleeping habits, keeping the body under continuous stress and forbidding exercise from the daily sedentary lives are the reasons why there is a humongous increase in the number of patients having to undergo operation, lately. So have you ever given a thought as to who are these generous people who look after you, once you are anesthetized?

Sometimes the Laparoscopy department, and what is that? Laparoscopy is a minimal invasion based surgery which is conducted having computers and robots as an important surgical aides. But not all the regular surgeons are allowed to operate through this technique, a few chosen highly experienced doctors are asked for operating patients through this technique. The first requisite that a doctor must fulfil to be able to perform this sort of surgery is that he/she must have undergone the basic training of laparoscopy through well learned trainers. A laparoscopic surgeon must have a proper understanding of how to collaborate anatomy, physiology and surgery in order to understand the proper working of the tools, equipment and procedures, required for the surgery.

A Laparoscopic operation theater encompasses computer operated machineries, specialty tools, surgery aiding equipment and three Dimensional cameras, which give proper and enhanced images of the affected areas on a high resolution camera. A laparoscopic surgeon must know the art of handling needle with one hand and camera with the other, which means he should work with an undying attention even when his both hands are fixed at multiple tasking. The other important part is to learn dissection in a way that the length and depth of the cut made by one does not exceed the desired limits. Even a cut of an extra unwanted mm can fall heavily on the patient making his bed stay longer than required. 

The trick here is to operate the patient with the help of new technically advanced equipment but that, with the same kind of speed and accuracy which is put in a regular surgery. And this is developed through rigorous continuous training, sheer hard work, and dedication and through spending relentless hours in Laparoscopic hands off training laboratories. Only through this way would one gets to become a wanted laparoscopic surgeon and like all other professions hard work, focus and dedication even here are the three pillars which emboldens and strengthens the complicated science of laparoscopy. 
Dr Nitish Kumar Yadav
May 19th, 2020 11:27 am
Great speech about Future is Laparoscopy surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Mishra this video was of immense importance for Doctor.
Dr. Suchitra
Jun 11th, 2020 4:45 am
Thank you, it's very clear, very useful and realistic lecture. Thanks for described about the importance of Laparoscopy surgery. This is very important lecture for young surgeon and Gynecologist.
Dr. Vipin Chandra
Jun 17th, 2020 7:09 am
Thank you very very much for Excellent surgery video!. Thanks for sharing this video of Future is Laparoscopic Surgery.
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