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July 26th, 2014

It would not be wrong if I call obesity as the mother of all diseases. With the advancements in science the study of nutrition and diet is becoming more and more important and crucial as well. Everything comes with its own concealed negative side and so does the modern food menus. Here you will get everything right onto your platters, tempting your weak heart to devour into an unmindful, unhealthy and unwholesome diet. This untimed and unplanned eating can dig many levels deeper into your health. And how would you like to be called as a heart patient or a diabetic or a multiple heart attack survivor? Horrifying! Is not it? But, with at present eating, exercising and partying habits, obesity, stress and heart attacks should come as no surprise to anyone.

We always suggest people to take ...  
July 24th, 2014

Laparoscopy is a high-end modern technique to operate surgeries in a minimal invasive way. It is patient’s friendly and even helps the doctor to perform the surgery, more effectually. Laparoscopy is a technique that could be undertaken only by specialists and hence, requires expert hands for it to turn around, successfully. The procedure requires a three dimensional camera, which provides the doctor with a clean and high definition image of the affected areas on a high resolution three dimensional monitor.  This comes as a great assist to the doctor and ensures a clean and hassle free surgery.

Laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery as the former is more effective, less troublesome and is more reliable than the latter. Endoscopic treatment is not a healthy option for the surgical removal of large stones. ...   Read more...
July 23rd, 2014

Laparoscopy is minimally invasive surgical procedures or operation performed within the abdomen or pelvis through small incisions of about 0.5 to 1.5 cm. The recently popular medical strategy is accustomed to diagnose or inspect a condition of the patient. There are lots of types of Laparoscopy performed around your body to inspect or perform minor operation. The operation is accompanied with a camera tipped Laparoscopic rod and LED light to see the process dealing with. Modern Laparoscopic instruments are capable to retrieve biopsy samples for analysis. The process of Laparoscopy is complex and it is very important to note the skill of the Surgeons or technicians to perform the surgery.

The skill required by a wide open surgery surgeon differs to that particular a one performing ...   Read more...
July 22nd, 2014

The growth of Electronics revolution left all with smartphones and tablets. Therefore the application over many platforms is available over wide genre. Medical applications have gained more popularity since 2008. It has allowed the medical fields to see new innovations and features. The most welcoming feature is that one can oneself take care of the health, physical exercise, calorie consumption and fitness tracking.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have surveyed that currently about 500 million smartphone users avail health care application or Medicine related apps. The numbers are expected to double by 2018. The users are general public mostly and patients, conceived ...   Read more...

July 22nd, 2014

The laparoscopic gynecologists has to show caliber of take care of metastasis, in persistent or complex-appearing adnexal masses if the necessity is laparoscopic removal. Within the instance of malignancy, intraoperative rupture of the adnexal mass can upstage cancer from Stage IA to IC, portending a worse prognosis and often more aggressive or longer courses of adjuvant chemotherapy.    During laparoscopic surgery, upstaging to Stage IV by spread to trochanteric sites has additionally been described in many literatures. Because of this, the frequency of malignancy among these cases is essential and if high, might change practice. Many recent research has evaluated the predictive advantage worth of transvaginal ultrasound for determining existence of malignancy. ...   Read more...
July 21st, 2014

To live life happily is a way to count upon numerous of god’s gifts but to give life to someone, is like playing god in the real world. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and the whole of the medical unit here in  the world Laparoscopy hospital want to help every such individual who thinks of himself as the one, hung in the lurch, because we are here to help neither as a unit nor as an institute but as a part of your very own extended family. For us, every patient is a mother, father, brother, sister and so on, hence, we consider each and every one, an eminent member of our very own caravan. And the relationship that we share with our patients is never ephemeral, because we believe in knowing you for eternity and this is what we believe separates us from the rest. 

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July 19th, 2014

Every institution that want itself to be establish as a recognized and acknowledged group, worldwide, need to deliver a façade of world-class infrastructure and highly talented faculty. A center of excellence based on the virtues of its highly skilful trainers, a haven, where honesty and truth are considered to be the first and foremost requisites for success, are a few qualities that define the strength of an institute. Such an institution also demands faculty present in a good number, so that the student-teacher ratio could be maintained. As of now, the majority of the Laparoscopic training institutes which are known across the world have not been able to establish themselves in a well-defined ...   Read more...
July 19th, 2014

Medical science has remained successful in keeping up with the fast and furious pace of the world. From the early diagnostic methods of Egyptians and Babylonians to the latest Bots indulged European surgeries, medical science has successfully scurried through all the troubles and tribulations and has steered ahead, triumphed. Talking about the present day status of medical science, the things that come to our mind every time we hear words like “surgery” are open heart surgeries, gall bladder surgeries, liver transplantations and likewise many more such operations. A part of which can be blamed on the sedentary habits that the people of this century are adopting or relying upon. Eating junk based food, improper sleeping habits, keeping the body under continuous stress and forbidding exercise ...   Read more...
July 18th, 2014

Minimally invasive surgical procedures can halve the risk for postoperative complications compared with open procedures, but they are still getting used infrequently in lots of hospitals, outcomes of a retrospective study suggest. Using minimally invasive procedures varies widely in with urban hospitals being greater than 4 times as likely as rural hospitals.    Utilization of non-invasive procedures also varied by hospital size, teaching hospital status, and geographic region. Rural hospitals were less likely to perform non-invasive surgery for 3 from the four procedures studied (appendectomy, colectomy, and hysterectomy, your fourth being lobe lobectomy). This disparity may be due towards the wide range ...   Read more...
July 13th, 2014

Technology is growing rapidly. Not only in the technical field, but also in the medical field. In this age, we have a cure for almost diseases. It has become possible because of some approaches of some expert scientists and medical engineers. I said medical engineers because they have offered us some very useful tools for surgery, which are today supporting us for our better health. Nowadays robotic surgical devices are playing a vital role in minimal access surgical treatment of patients. These devices are developed to use occasionally, but now almost doctors and gynecologists are also applying these machines ...   Read more...

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