Use of Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle and Liver Retractors - Dr. R.K. Mishra

Laparoscopic Aspiration Needle

These long needles are used in laparoscopy to aspirate fluid from distended ovarian cysts, gallbladder, or any localized pocket of pus in the liver. It may be used for drilling of polycystic ovary. Aspiration needle should be inserted inside the abdominal cavity with extreme precaution because if the pathway of entry or exit is ignored it can cause perforation of viscera.

Aspiration Needle
   Aspiration Needle

Fan Retractor

These retractors are used to retract liver, stomach, spleen, or bowel whenever they interfere in vision or they come in way of other working instruments. There are many newer varieties of retractors available which are less traumatic. Cuschieri liver retractor is one of them which is very useful in fundoplication.

 Fan Refractor     Fan retractor

 Cuschieri liver refractor
  Cuschieri liver retractor

This liver retractor has a distal end which can be rotated by moving handle. Retractor is introduced in the abdominal cavity when it is straight. Once it is inside the abdomen, the distal end can take various shapes just like a serpent. This retractor can also be used for simple, atraumatic manipulation of the bowel.

Nathanson Liver Retractor

Nathanson Liver Retractor is used to fully support and retract the liver during laparoscopic upper GI surgery, enabling a better view of the operating field. Complex laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal procedures necessitate the use of the Nathanson retractor for retraction of the left lobe of the liver. This retractor is usually inserted in the epigastric region by blunt force, first introducing 5mm epigastric port, following removal of a 5-mm port. This liver retractor is self-supported by clamping to the operating table.

 Nathanson liver refractor
    Nathanson liver retractor

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