Clipping in Laparoscopic Surgery - Dr. R.K. Mishra

Clipping in Laparoscopic Surgery

Titanium clip is the most widely used tissue approximation technique used by general laparoscopic surgeons.

•    Choose the correct size of the clip for the structure.
•    Double clip should be applied over important structures.
•    Always confirm the dumbbell effect after clipping.
•    Dumbbell effect after clipping confirms the tension on the tissue.
•    Do not clip fatty pedicles.
•    Check the positioning of jaws, the tips, and content before clipping.
•    Beware of cross clipping.
 Titanium Clip
 Titanium clip

 Dumbbell formation
  Dumbbell formation

Clip should be kept pressed for 3 seconds
The clip should be kept pressed for 3 seconds

Cat Eye Stone

Sometimes clip applied on the cystic duct may internalize and it may act as a foreign body. In rare cases cat eye stone has been reported with the use of titanium clips. After many years it stimulates stone formation by deposition of bile. It is called cat eye stone because after taking a cross-section of these stone the titanium clips look like the pupil of a cat seen in the dark.

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