Use of Tissue Response Electrosurgical Generator in Laparoscopic Surgery - Dr. R.K. Mishra

Use of Tissue Response Electrosurgical Generator in Laparoscopic Surgery

The tissue response generator has a unique vessel sealing ability. This vessel sealing produces significantly reduced thermal spread compared to existing bipolar instruments. These generators precisely confine its effects to the target tissue or vessel with virtually no charring and with minimal thermal spread to adjacent tissue. This generator uses a seal mechanism by sensing the body's collagen to actually change the nature of the vessel walls by obliterating the lumen. The collagen and elastin within the tissue melt and reform to create the seal zone. This electrosurgical generator works by fusing the collagen in vessel walls to create a permanent seal. The jaw of electrosurgical forceps using this technology leaves no foreign material behind to potentially interfere with future diagnosis. The system uses the body’s own collagen to reform the tissue, creating a permanent seal that resists dislodgment.

Tissue response generator (Ligasure™)
 Tissue response generator (Ligasure™)

Tissue response generator has the following advantages:

•    It can be used with confidence on vessels up to 7 mm
•    It seals all the tissue bundles without dissection and isolation
•    It causes the minimal thermal spread
•    Its effect on the target tissue
•    The unique energy output results in virtually no sticking
•    Reduced sticking and charring
•    Minimized need for multiple applications
•    No dislodged clips
•    No foreign material is left behind.
Ligasure™  Ligasure™

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