Use of Laparoscopic Suction / Irrigation in Laparoscopic Surgery - Dr. R.K. Mishra

Laparoscopic Suction / Irrigation System

It is used for flushing the abdominal cavity and cleaning during endoscopic operative intrusions.

Laparoscopic Suction/Irrigation Machine

It has been designed for use with the 26173 AR suction/ insufflation tube. Its electrically driven pressure/suction pump is protected against entry of bodily secretions. The suction irrigation machine is used frequently at the time of laparoscopy to make the field of vision clear. Most of the surgeons use normal saline or Ringer Lactate for irrigation purposes. Sometime heparinized saline is used to dissolve blood clots to facilitate proper suction in case of excessive intra-abdominal bleeding.

Irrigation and Suction Tube

A suction-irrigation probe can be a versatile instrument. Laparoscopic suction and irrigation tube is one of the very important instruments which surgeon should practice frequently. Vision is one of the limitations of laparoscopic surgery. The blood is the darkest color inside the abdominal cavity and excess of blood inside absorbs most of the light. Whenever there is bleeding, one should first try to suck it out. Controlled suction and irrigation enhance the observation and improve the operative technique. A suction irrigation tube also can be used for blunt dissection.

Suction Irrigation tube set

At the time of using suction and irrigation, the tip of the suction irrigation cannula should be dipped inside the blood, otherwise, the gas will be sucked and the surgeon will lose his vision due to loss of pneumoperitoneum. 10 mm suction tube should be used if there are more than 1,500 ml of hemoperitoneum or if there are blood clots inside the abdominal cavity. Sometimes small spilled stones can also be sucked with the help of laparoscopic irrigation suction tube at the time of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It is a very useful instrument for doing peritoneal toilet in case of appendicular or duodenal perforation.

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