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What is the difference in WLH laparoscopic training of Gurugram, Dubai and Orlando, USA?
Discussion in 'Laparoscopic Training' started by Dr. Jacob - Dec 12th, 2023 2:04 pm.
Dr. Jacob
Dr. Jacob
Dear Sir,

I want to know What is the difference in WLH laparoscopic training of Gurugram, Dubai and Orlando, USA? I want to take training of laparoscopic surgery in early 2024.
re: What is the difference in WLH laparoscopic training of Gurugram, Dubai and Orlando, USA? by Dr. Seema Malhotra - Dec 12th, 2023 2:07 pm
Dr. Seema Malhotra
Dr. Seema Malhotra
The World Laparoscopy Hospital offers laparoscopic training programs in Gurugram, India, Dubai, UAE, and Orlando, USA, each with its own unique characteristics:

1. Gurugram, India: The training in Gurugram includes hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and exposure to advanced laparoscopic procedures. The program features a comprehensive curriculum led by skilled faculty members. Key elements include hands-on workshops, live surgeries, and interactive sessions with leading surgeons. This training offers a unique cultural and educational experience in Gurugram.

2. Dubai, UAE: Similar to the Gurugram location, the Dubai training program focuses on providing comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in laparoscopic surgery. The training in Dubai is part of the World Laparoscopy Hospital's initiative to provide high-quality education and practical skills in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

3. Orlando, USA: In collaboration with the University of South Florida, the program in the USA aims to train surgeons and gynecologists from North America, South America, and Europe. This unique training course is designed to attract medical professionals worldwide and focuses on advanced minimal access surgical techniques. The program emphasizes the importance of practical exposure and academic experience, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in laparoscopic surgery.

Each location provides a distinct experience due to its geographic and cultural setting, but all maintain a high standard of training, emphasizing practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and exposure to the latest techniques in laparoscopic surgery. The training at these centers is known for its comprehensive approach, combining theoretical lessons with practical, hands-on experience. The faculty at these institutions is highly experienced and internationally recognized for their expertise in minimal access surgery.

It's advisable to review the specific details of the courses offered at each location to determine which best suits your needs and interests for training in early 2024. For more information, you can visit the World Laparoscopy Hospital website.
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