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Dr. Hayder Ismael Jawad

Dr. Hayder Ismael Jawad

Sep 1st, 2018 - Sep 14th, 2018


Name :                         Dr. Hayder Ismael Jawad Al Amery
Date of Birth :              18/11/1990
Address :                      Baghdad, Iraq                        
Languages Known:      English,
Gender:                        Male
Nationality :                  Iraq
Contact No:                  00964 7904219485
Consultant in Urology, Al Yarmook Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq. Multilingual,
fluent in Arabic, English and Swedish.Looking for an attachment in the UK specialising
in reconstrective and pediatric Urology, self paying.
MBCHB University of Baghdad, Iraq 1991.
FICMS (URO), Baghdad, Iraq, 2003.
1    Consultant Urologist 2013 Department of Urology, Al YarmookTeaching Hospital,
      Baghdad, Iraq.
2    Specialist in Urology 2013 Department of Urology, Al YarmookTeaching Hospital,
      Baghdad, Iraq.
3    Urosurgery Norkoping Hospital 2010 (2 months) Department of Urology, Vininegring,
4    Specialist in Urology Al Yarmook Teaching Hospital 2007-2010 Baghdad, Iraq.
5    Specialist in Urology Al Nassryia Teaching Hospital Nassryia, Iraq2006- 2007.
6    Dean and Director of Applied Sciences, University Hospital 2005- 2006, Sanaa, Yemen.
7    Specialist in Urology Jerash General Hospital, Aman Jordan 2006 (6 months).
8    Specialist in Urology in Al Nassryia Teaching Hospital, Nassryia, Iraq.
9    Specialist in Urology, Al Yarmook Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq 2003-2004.
10   Interfellowship Training programme, as a Senior House Officer, 10 Hospitals in Baghdad,
       Iraq, and in Al Yarmook teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq, 1998-2003.
11   Physician in Preventative Medicine, Abu Grave, General Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq, 1996-1998.
12   Senior House Officer Al Rashid Teaching Hospital, Bagdad, Iraq, 1994- 1996. House Officer
       Al Rashid Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq 1991-1994.
1    Member of Iraqi Society of Urology. Member of Iraqi Society of Medicine.
2    Member of the Jordanian Medical Association.
3    Member of European Association of Urology.
3    Member of Arab Association of Urology.
4    Member of European Association of Infertility and Embryology.
5    Postgraduate training and Conferences Attended.
6    Course in Laproscopic Surgery, Damascus, Syria, 2006 (3 days).
7    Course in Laproscopic Surgery and Urology, Linkoping, Sweden, 2010, (2 days).
8    Course in Urological Laser Therapy, Aman, Jordan, 2006 (7 days).
9    Course in Laproscopic Surgery, Ankara, Turkey 2010 (3 weeks).
10  Course in Laproscopic Surgery, Al Mansoora, Egypt 2010 (1 week).
11   Many other conferences in Urology and Infertility in Istabuland Anatalia Turkey 2006-2013.
12   Continual lectures and conferences in Urology, Baghdad, Iraq, (every 2 weeks).
Professor Ossama Nihad Refaat, Professor of Urology, Al IssraHospital, Aman, Jordan.
Professor Shawky Gazala, Head of Urology Department RazgariTeaching Hospital, Erbil, Iraq.
Professor Irasharlip, Professor of Urology, University of San Francisco, USA. Professor Mwafaik
Abdul Baqi,
Professor of Urology, Al Yarmook Teaching Hospital. Baghdad, Iraq.

Ivaan Dinesh
Jun 14th, 2020 9:35 am
Dr. Hayeder lsmael Jawad“Sending you heartfelt congratulations today on your great achievement and wishing you all the best for you future. ”to get much more award in your life, this success is outstanding which you achieve by prof Dr. R. K. Mishra.

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