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Dr. Daniel Ravi Kumar Ramalingam
Topper of examination taken by World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons held on Jul 14, 2017
Dr. Daniel Ravi Kumar Ramalingam
  Curriculum Vitae

Name                :    Dr. R.Daniel Ravi Kumar
Date of Birth    :    22/10/1988
Nationality       :    India
Address           :    C block,77/2,Varadammal garden 3rd street,
                                  Barakha road,
Kilpauk, Chennai -600010
Email                :

Phone               :    +9199400 60321

Career Objective

Aiming a position for  Consultant surgeon and teaching faculty
Endeavoring to gain practical knowledge and to develop skills in surgical procedures,disease
management and health care of the patient


MS      :  Madras Medical College 2014-2017     1st class.
MBBS :  Madras Medical College 2006-2011   1st class
HSC    :  State Board of school Examination Tamilnadu  2006   1165/1200 (District Topper)
SSLC  :  Board of Matriculation Examination, Tamilnadu.  2004  1044/1100 (District Topper)

Clinical Experience

As Post Graduate           
Out-Patient Care: 
Encountered  300 - 400 patients in OPD every week with separate clinics for follow-up
of post operative patients

In-Patient Care:
 Managed ward patients with various surgical conditions in pre operative and post
operative wards. 
Separate exposure to patients with diabetic foot and other septic conditions, wound
debridement and dressings, amputations . 
Enriched experience in management of poly trauma patients
and patients with surgical emergencie. 
1 month training in speciality fields – urology,
surgical gastroenterology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery a
nd surgical oncology. 
Experience in managing surgical patients in intensive care wards 

Operation theatres:

Performed below mentioned procedures –hernioplasty hemorrhoidectomy, appendicectomy,
exploratory laparotomy,thyroidectomy, mastectomy, gastrectomy, bowel resections, varicose vein surgery,
amputations, hydrocele surgery, open cholecystectomy,feeding jejunostomy

Assisted  below mentioned procedures – Laparoscopic cholecystectomy,appendicectomy,
hernia repair, 
Neck dissection,parotidectomy,sarcoma excision,flap closure,nephrectomy,
whipple procedure, abdominoperineal resection

As Intern

Basic training in general medicine, pediatrics, casualty, general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics
and  gynecology, ENT,  ophthalmology, community medicine, dermatology and blood bank

Conferences and CME Programmes

1.      Annual National Conference of the Association of surgeons of India, Gurgaon
2.      ASICON – HYDERABAD 2015

3.     TNASICON – SALEM 2016

4.     TNASICON – MADURAI 2015


at Madras Medical College - Rajiv Gandhi Government
General Hospital, Chennai.

Endotracheal intubation

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Central venous catheterization


Peritoneal dialysis

Pleural and peritoneal fluid aspirations

Lumbar puncture

Bone marrow aspiration

Teaching Skills

Guidance to interns during ward rounds and in OPDs
Conducted clinical classes for undergraduate students

Conducted OSCEs and practical examinations

Created interest among interns in bedside surgical procedures

Highlighted the importance of basics in emergency trauma management to junior PG

 other professional Skills

Complete knowledge of professional surgical principles and procedures
 Good written and oral communication skills

 Ability to maintain healthy public relations
 Active participation in organizing and conducting seminars 

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