Task Analysis of Laparoscopic and Robotic Procedures

Task Analysis Of Cobra Rope Drill
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1) It is performed in a square box in which there are multiple rings.
2) There are around 25 to 30 rings attached in the box.
3) A rope is provided which should pass through the ring.
4) While performing this task the grasper is hold in the left hand while the Maryland in the right
5) The rope is passed in the ring by the help of the grasper and taken out with the help of the Maryland.
6) The candidate must pass the rope through all the ring with the help of the grasper and Maryland.
7) The camera person has a vital role to play in this as while passing through the ring both the end of the ring should be visible which make the task easy for the surgeon
8) Cobra rope drill task is slightly difficult than the paper cutting task.
9) But this task provides more confident to the surgeon in developing their Ambidexterity, depth perception, Tissue Handling Capacity and hand eye coordination.
10) Technique of Walk Over to String will help you to develop skill of handling suture while performing extracorporeal and intracorporal knotting.

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