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Dr. R. K. Mishra - The Man Behind Hundreds of Robotic Surgeons of World
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GURGAON, India, March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With the advent of advanced surgical and gynaecological minimally invasive surgery over the last 2 decades, a need has arisen for state of the art training programs dedicated exclusively to these da Vinci Robotic Surgery techniques. None of the medical colleges in Asia and even in Europe has training programs in robotic surgery and surgeons and gynecologists unfortunately during their residency do not get adequate experience in advanced robotic techniques once they come in active practice. World Laparoscopy Hospital is the only institute in Asia to provide Hands on Robotic Surgery Training for Surgeons and Gynecologists who come here from whole World.

Approximately 130 MIS training programs have been initiated in the U.S. over the past 15 years. Most programs are heavily weighted in laparoscopic procedures, with none offering experience in da Vinci robotic surgical procedures. A recent published survey completed by fellows in training confirmed that doctors are interested in more complex procedures (Tichansky, et al, Surg Endosc 2007). Some of the major benefits experienced by surgeons using the da Vinci Surgical System over traditional approaches have been greater surgical precision, increased range of motion, improved dexterity, enhanced visualization and improved access. 

Robotic Surgery is globally developing as one of the most advanced technique. What we need is skilled doctors who can conduct the surgery. World Laparoscopy Hospital is the only institute in the India where advanced da Vinci robotic surgery training is being imparted and it is the only Institute in Asia where surgeons and gynaecologists has the opportunity to get Fellowship of International college of Robotic Surgeons.

The chairman and Director of World Laparoscopy Hospital has alone trained more than 500 surgeons and Gynaecologist from more than 58 countries at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon. Dr. R.K. Mishra himself has a unique qualification of Master in Minimal Access Surgery from University of Dundee, United Kingdom and he is trained in Robotic Surgery from Harward Medical School, Boston, UK. World Laparoscopy Hospital is the second institute in India after AIIMS where robotic surgery started in 2009 itself. At present there are more than 25 hospitals in India equipped with da Vinci surgical robot but Dr. R.K. Mishra is the the man behind most of the Robotic Surgeons. 

While the da Vinci Robotic surgery is conducted by a four-armed surgical robot, the movements of the robot are controlled by a trained doctor. An arm of the robot controls the camera and the other three hands manipulate the endowrist surgical instruments. The entire robotic surgical process is observed via a high-definition 3D vision system known as the Da Vinci surgical robotic system. The skill of surgeon is still required as robot itself can not take any decision. The hand movement of surgeon is translated by robot inside the abdomen of patient. Robotic surgery although the name is very popular but in reality it is Master Slave Manipulator where everything done by robot is actually done by surgeon. If surgeon is not skilled surgery will not be any better than open surgery. Many of these benefits are also experienced by patients whose minimally invasive surgery is not conducted using the da Vinci System.  

None of the hospital where da Vinci Robot is installed they want it should be used for training but World Laparoscopy has 4 arm HD da Vinci robotic system exclusively dedicated to trained surgeon and gynaecologist. "Robotic surgery cannot replace conventional surgery. But it has many advantages over traditional surgery since it is minimally invasive, reduces hospital stay of the patient by initiating a quick recovery, reduces blood loss and helps with greater precision and visualisation," Dr R. K. Mishra said, adding that "there are lesser complication". The Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons program directed by Dr. R.K. Mishra at World Laparoscopy Hospital aimed at providing advanced training to surgeons in gynaecological, Urological and general surgical robotic surgery.

The da Vinci® Surgical System combines computer and robotic technologies to create a new category of surgical treatment, robotic-assisted laparoscopic, thoracoscopic or endoscopic surgery. By providing surgeons with enhanced capabilities, the da Vinci Surgical System makes it possible to treat a broader range of conditions using a minimally invasive approach. This means that with da Vinci, you can have major surgery with only a few tiny incisions. In addition, your surgeon can operate with better visualization, precision, dexterity and control than possible using traditional surgical approaches.World Laparoscopy Hospital offers robotic surgery training on a Da Vinci robotic surgery, allowing surgeons, Gynaecologists, Urologists and their teams to bring these new surgical techniques back to their own hospitals. Learning curve is no longer acceptable. The World Laparoscopy Hospital under direction of Dr. R. K. Mishra offers the high definition ultramodern infrastructure for training. The Robotic Surgery trainings are accredited by the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeon and International College of Robotic Surgeon. 

The Institute offers a defined course with information, familiarization with da Vinci technology and step by step robotic skill training. There is a possibility for individual training and group training. The World Laparoscopy Hospital Robotic Surgery Training encompasses theory and practice and is provided by expert instructors with substantial practical experience with the technology. They have utilized this technology in several clinical applications with reported results and review. A modular training is offered, with use of Robot Assisted Surgical Simulators and Da Vinci Robot with console.

Media Contact: Sadhana Mishra, World Laparoscopy Hospital, 919811416838,
Dr. Meera
Oct 26th, 2016 1:56 am
World Laparoscopy Hospital is the only institute which is providing such a brilliant course on robotics Surgery, it also provides free hands on for other courses it offers.
Dr. Bhawana Sanyal
Apr 16th, 2023 9:04 am
Dr. R. K. Mishra's contribution to the field of robotic surgery by training hundreds of robotic surgeons globally is commendable. His efforts in advancing laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques and providing specialized training to healthcare professionals have contributed to improved patient outcomes and expanded access to advanced surgical procedures.
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