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The Global Laparoscopic Trainer Award to DR R K Mishra
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The Global Laparoscopic Trainer Award to DR R K Mishra

Released on: October 7, 2008, 12:03 am 

Press Release Author: Sadhana 

Industry: Healthcare 

Press Release Summary: Dr. Mishra, who is director of Laparoscopy Hospital and professor in the department of Modern Medicine at TGO University, was chosen for the competitive award for training more than 2500 surgeons and gynaecologists from all over world. 

Press Release Body: New Delhi, October 07, 2008 -- Renowned laparoscopic surgeon of New Delhi, India and director of Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi, Dr RK Mishra, has been named the recipient of the Global Laparoscopic Trainer Award, an annual award that recognizes one surgeon in the world whose career exemplifies the outstanding performance in Minimal Access Surgery. As an innovative surgeon and researcher this award and prize of Gold medal was given to Prof.Dr.R.K.Mishra at India Habitat Centre on 29th of September 2008.

Dr. Mishra, who is director of Laparoscopy Hospital and professor in the department of Modern Medicine at TGO University, was chosen for the competitive award for training more than 2500 surgeons and gynaecologists from all over world. Those surgeons were from more than 85 countries over the past 10 years. You can see the list of all these surgeons at

Further he shared his thoughts about this award & his journey of success so far. This award was given to him by Dr. Ray Green, President World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons USA. The award consisted of Certificate & trophy. This award is given to two doctors globally. One is from India & other from Indonesia. Participated globally 46 laparoscopic surgeons specialists out of which 7 cases nominated for presentation, from that total number of Indian participants were 3 from Mumbai, 2 from Delhi & 2 from Chennai. Other participants were from countries like Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. These presentations
were judged for award by 10 renowned specialists of minimal access surgery as judges from various part of the world.

On this occasion Dr. Mishra said, previously many diseases needed a major open surgery which was costing high due to prolonged operative & hospitalization course but minimal access surgery has revolutionised the concept of surgical outcome in
these group of patients.

Dr Mishra has received World's topmost honour for his outstanding work of laparoscopic training to surgeon and gynaecologist from all over world. At the Annual Global Laparoscopic Trainer Award, Vital Voices honours, the work of remarkable leaders who are pioneers of minimal access surgery in their countries and around the world. This award is given to minimal access surgeon who not only have extraordinary achievements as individuals, but whose work has contributed immeasurably to the betterment of their community of health service provider as a whole. Dr. Mishra is perhaps the only laparoscopic surgeon in the world who have
inspired countless others colleague surgeon to become champions in minimally invasive surgery. He has the unique qualification of becoming University qualified Master in Minimal Access Surgery and due to his in depth knowledge of Minimal Access Surgery he could achieve this remarkable goal. His researches minimal access surgery can be seen at

There is no shortcut to success, says Dr R K Mishra. The First Indian to receive the Global Laparoscopic Trainer Award. After asking by journalist at India Habitat Centre on 29th of September 2008 about how do you reckon with such an eventful
occasion Dr. Mishra said I am delighted and I definitely feel great to be honoured with such a glorious award? Dr. Mishra said Success comes through hard work, dedication and commitment to your work. We have done many outstanding work in the
field of minimal access surgery which you can see through the website of Laparoscopy Hospital at There is no shortcut to success in his opinion. Honest efforts to achieve something, genuine endeavour, and diligence continuously pushed me to work better for the surgeons community and my country.

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Dr Sridhar
Oct 23rd, 2016 11:56 pm
Dr Mishra need much more award than this. He deserves more. Congratulations.
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