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Laparoscopyhospital.Com Establishes the Importance of Correct Laparoscopic Training
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Laparoscopyhospital.Com Establishes the Importance of Correct Laparoscopic Training

PRFree.Org (Press Release) May 1, 2015 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

New Delhi, India (April 30, 2015) - The importance of Laparoscopic Surgery is well established in the society by now.Everyone want to get operated by laparoscopic or Robotic surgery if it is done because of faster recovery, less pain and minimum scarring. Without learning laparoscopic surgery no surgeon is surgeon and no gynecologist is gynecologist. In old time laparoscopic surgery was considered as luxury but now it is necessity. As a result to this change in technology of Minimally Invasive technique, doctors those, who are interested in pressuring their careers in minimal access surgery, are found to be keen on completing hands on Laparoscopic Surgery Training programs. This is why; has introduced different types of Laparoscopic Courses, in order to facilitate the future medical practitioners. So far 7,000 surgeons and gynecologists from more than 108 country has taken training at World Laparoscopy Hospital.

This institute has made international reputation in the field of Minimal Access Surgery and recognized worldwide as a premier institute.This Laparoscopic Training Institute is backed by a team of best in class instructors and course facilitators, who are well known for their in depth knowledge in this particular field. This training academy of World Laparoscopy Hospital is going to imbibe that knowledge base among the surgeons and gynecologist of whole world, to that they end up touching the maximum level of success in their respective careers of general surgery, gynecology, urology and pediatric surgery. This academy of Minimal Access Surgery of World Laparoscopy Hospital has come up with different types of laparoscopic and da vinci robotic surgery training programs in order to cater to the needs of the students.Combined D.MAS + F.MAS for General Surgeons, Pediatric Surgeons, and Urologist& Gynecologists are introduced by this academy.

This institute is famous for coming up with different types of laparoscopic education programs, including Fellowship of international college of robotic surgeon’s course for General Surgeons, Pediatric Surgeons, and Urologist& Gynecologists. This institute is also offering courses ans hands on training of IVF and upper and lower GI endoscopy. The laparoscopic and da Vinci Robotic Surgery Training courses of this academy are directed by the course director Dr. R. K. Mishra who has the degree of Master in Minimal Access Surgery and who is the chief surgeon of World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon, India.This academy of advanced surgical training of World Laparoscopy hospital has recently come up with the one year long Master in Minimal Access Surgery course, in which, you are going to get an opportunity of getting basic as well as advanced hands on laparoscopic and Robotic training on Real da Vinci Robot.

The students are going to be facilitated with free study materials, by being a part of this institute.  The admission process of the various laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery training programs are going now and the students can apply online for their preferred courses. For more details about the training institute of World Laparoscopy Hospital please visit
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Apr 15th, 2023 1:11 pm, the official website of World Laparoscopy Hospital, establishes the importance of correct laparoscopic training in providing safe and effective surgical care to patients. The website emphasizes the need for medical professionals to receive comprehensive and standardized laparoscopic training, highlighting the potential risks of inadequate training. It also provides valuable resources and information to help medical professionals stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in laparoscopic surgery, contributing to improved patient outcomes and advancing the field of laparoscopy on a global scale.
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