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Laparoscopic Surgery Training Program By World Laparoscopy Hospital
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Laparoscopic Surgery Training Program By World Laparoscopy Hospital

GURGAON, India - Nov. 21, 2015 - PRLog -- The World Laparoscopy Hospital is one of the most preferred destinations for its state of the art medical facilities. For doctors aspiring to add more value to their qualification and training, the institute is now offering a fellowship program in minimal access surgery. The duration of the program is two weeks. Within the two weeks, each participant is given ample exposure to the surgical practices involved. Thanks to the hands-on training and guidance of expert doctors, the participants are able to learn things better and at the end up of the program step out as certified experts. This program also includes exposure to Robotic Surgery Training, a relatively naive domain that holds the potential to transform the future of healthcare to a major extent.

For those who are looking to pursue a higher qualification, the hospital also offers a 4 week program specialising in Fellowship and Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery. Both programs start on the first of every month. While admissions open a few days prior to the start of the program, interested students are requested to book their seats as soon as possible because of the limited capacity.

Another high point of the training offered at World Laparoscopy Hospital is the ultramodern laparoscopic HD wet operating room lab. This is where students get a realistic exposure to the real life surgery situation. Of course after they are given the required training, the participants are also made to assist doctors in the regular surgeries that happen in the hospital. The course fee submitted at the start also includes the exhaustive study material provided by the hospital.  Online support is also provided through world's largest and most updated Online library of laparoscopic study material (Videos, Articles, Power Point presentations, eBooks) kept for members only on the dedicated hospital server.

The course fee for F.MAS program is 1,20,000 INR for Indian surgeons and 4,000 USD for overseas surgeons and NRI. The Course fee for Integrated Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery and Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (D.MAS) is 7,000 USD for overseas candidate and INR 2,20,000 only for Indian Doctors. For admission queries, interested staff can contact the institute during the hospital hours on the below mentioned link: or simply apply online!

World Laparoscopy Hospital 
Cyber City, DLF Phase 

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Dr Priya
Nov 4th, 2016 4:48 am
I took training from WLH in 2011, training was really good with proper infrastructure.
Dr. Vijay Karnik
Apr 16th, 2023 9:04 am
The laparoscopic surgery training program offered by World Laparoscopy Hospital is a valuable opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in minimally invasive surgical techniques. This program can provide hands-on experience with advanced technology, access to experienced faculty, and ultimately contribute to improved patient outcomes.
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