Security Measures taken by World Laparoscopy Hospital:


  1. World Laparoscopy Hospital website is not using the shared hosting as used by 99% of the website of the World.
  2. World Laparoscopy Hospital website is hosted on a dedicated server placed in USA
  3. World Laparoscopy Hospital has its own and
  4. World Laparoscopy Hospital website is hosted on a dedicated IP with Geotrust Extended Validation SSL certificate
  5. World Laparoscopy Hospital uses SSL of Geotrust which is trusted in the world you can see the Green Bar on your Browser
  6. We use Verification of Identity of credit card without disclosing your CVC number of Cerdit Card
  7. 256 Bit Geotrust SSL Encryption of Information Transmitted Online
  8. Use of Firewalls
  9. Time-out Serurity
  10. Select a Secure Password
  11. Secure Browser Lock
  12. Installed Cloud Based Firewall
  13. Installed Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) Program
  14. Auto Log off Securely and Empty your Cache Memory
  15. Bank Guarantee of our Motto Account can withdraw money without CVC number

CreditCard Payment

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