Recent Advances in IVF Technology


The Invitro-Fertility popularly called as the IVF technology is the boon to thousands of couples anxiously waiting for their child. For these couples the life would have become hopeless unless the spread of IVF technology has helped them realize the dream of having the bundle of joy in their hands. The IVF technology had a humble beginning and the first IVF assisted baby was born about 35 years ago. At that time this assisted reproductive technology was very little heard of as it was more unsuccessful and was taken as highly unreliable method to have a baby.

With the passage of time, with more than three decades to evolve the IVF has come a long way and now it is one of the most trusted, straight forward and easy to use ways to conceive and have babies even to the couples who are much advanced in age. Due to this, we are able to see that this technology is very much in use helping to see miracles happen to many of the families everywhere. With the modern trend of late marriages and the hesitancy in reaching the desire to raise a family, now we see that the age of the first time mothers are very high compared to that of those during the past decades.

With many of the advancements in IVF technology now it is possible to get the highest success rate and the surgeons and those undergoing the treatment are able to have a higher saying� and various options before them about the outcome of the results. Now with the improvement in technology and evolving of the required tools, and the gaining of experience and training of those doing the procedure it is now easy to see that the success rates have come up to as high as 56%. This is possible in cases of women who are above the age of 35 years.


This higher success rate is bound to come� up further� due to the new technologies and newer techniques that are available now allowing the experts to analyze the development of� embryos closely than that was possible than earlier. Care Maps is one of the latest additions to the IVF technology that has enabled the surgeons to see the actual developmental progress of the embryo by installing a camera to take the images every 15 minutes. This gives the visual clue as to the selection of the right embryo for the treatment. This technique is able to increase the success rate many times.


The Embryo Glue is advancement in the IVF technology that is bringing in good results to the treatment cycle. In this method some substances are added to the embryo substrate that facilitates higher degree of implantation. These are able to bring out great differences in the outcome of the treatment adding more credibility and reliability to the IVF technology. EmbryoGlue is an implantation promoting transfer medium with a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and recombinant albumin.

The addition of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) in a transfer medium, such as EmbryoGlue, increases live births after IVF according to a newly published meta-analysis from the independent research network Cochrane Collaboration. When using EmbryoGlue for transfer, there was an overall increase of 8% in the live birth rate, compared to a medium with low or no HA. The positive effect was seen regardless of embryo transfer day. EmbryoGlue has the basic composition of a rich blastocyst culture medium and contains a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin.

The Array CGH is a new technique that has come into the treatment cycle recently. This allows the clinicians to analyze the cell in the embryo for chromosome abnormalities. This helps in enhancing the quality of results of the treatment.� ArrayCGH is a advanced molecular technique based on the co-hybridization of sample and control genomic DNAs. DNA extracted from a sample is fluorescently labelled and co-hybridized with normal control DNA to mapped DNA sequences that are spotted onto a glass slide surface. These clones contain DNA which represent the human DNA sequences, and are regularly spaced across the whole genome.

Thus the IVF has become such an important technology that is bringing in joy to millions of families around the world. With more and more research going on and the availability of new tools and equipments this is bound to become even more reliable and successful adding joy to many millions of couples.


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