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Mini Laparoscopic Surgery
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Dr Anil Thakral - Oct 3rd, 2016 11:51 pm.
Dr Anil Thakral
Dr Anil Thakral
Dear Sir,

What are the real advantages of mini laparoscopic surgery and what are the devices available to perform this surgery?
re: Mini Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr R K Mishra - Oct 4th, 2016 5:50 am
Dr R K Mishra
Dr R K Mishra
Dear Dr Anil Thakral

The Mini Laparoscopic Surgery has same advantages apply to minimal access surgery performed with the even smaller-diameter 3mm or 1.5 mm instruments used. With these mini laparoscopic procedures, there will be vertually no any visible scar and postoperative complications such as subcutaneous or subfascial extravasation of blood and possible hematoma formation also are reduced.

The term “mini-laparoscopy” is broad and encompasses minimal access techniques for which smaller 2mm incisions are used, alone or in combination with smaller instruments. The size of mini laparoscopic instruments and incisions for laparoscopy is continuing to decrease, with instruments smaller than 2 mm being used for what is termed “microlaparoscopy.” Other terms used to describe mini laparoscopic procedures include mini-advanced laparoscopic surgery, and needlescopic surgery.

There are many instrument company making mini laparoscopic instrument. Storz, Olympus, Covedian, Wolf all are making these instruments. One of the most popular instrument is stryker mini alligators.

Mini Laparoscopic Instrumetnts are designed with percutaneous insertion capabilities, MiniLap instruments are approx 2 mm in diameter and offer both surgeon and patient benefits of no scar. The access insertion needle allows for time-saving entry into the abdominal cavity. .Please dont hesitate to discuss more on this blog.

With regard

R K Mishra
re: Mini Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr. Mohan Sharma - Oct 9th, 2016 10:09 am
Dr. Mohan Sharma
Dr. Mohan Sharma
What is Mini Laparoscopy?
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