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Please explain the difference between Enseal and Ligasure.
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Dr. Sara Mohammed Moosa - Jun 16th, 2016 11:25 am.
Dr. Sara Mohammed Moosa
Dr. Sara Mohammed Moosa
Dear Sir,
Our hospital is planning to buy a vessel sealer. We have to decide the choice between enseal, ligasure and thunderbeat. We are little confused as the representative of all these product company are saying that their product is best. Can you please help us to decide which one to buy.
re: Please explain the difference between Enseal and Ligasure. by Dr R K Mishra - Jun 19th, 2016 1:21 am
Dr R K Mishra
Dr R K Mishra
Dear Doctor
Ligasure tissue response generator is actually a bipolar electrosurgical device delivers high current, low voltage along with pressure from the jaws to tissue. The instrument can seal vessels up to 7 mm in size. This instrument differs from the high voltage, low current energy used in standard monopolar and bipolar cautery instruments. Ligasure monitors the energy expended while denaturing the collagen and elastin within the vessels walls. During the cooling phase of the cycle, cross linking re-occurs creating a new seal. The instrument is available in 5 or 10-mm sizes. For most gynecological procedures, the 5-mm size is used. Tissue sensing technology in the Ligasure makes use of a computer algorithm to adjust the current and voltage based on real-time measures of tissue impedance. This results in a constant delivery of wattage over a broad range of tissue types.

The Enseal Tissue Sealing System uses a bipolar electrode to concentrate energy on tissue within the plastic jaws of the instrument. Enseal claims to offer improved efficacy by utilizing a temperature sensitive matrix (nanopolar thermostats) embedded within the jaws of the device that controls the energy delivered to the electrode-tissue interface. The instrument can seal vessels up to 7mm. Proper use of the Enseal, requires a certain level of surgical skill as compared to the Ligasure, Gyrus and Caiman and thus is surgeon dependant.

THUNDERBEAT is integration of Ultrasonic and Advanced BiPolar energies delivered through a single multi-functional instrument, allowing a surgeon to simultaneously seal and cut vessels up to 7 mm in size with minimal thermal spread. The patented jaw design provides precise, controlled dissection and always available Bipolar hemostasis without sacrificing grasping ability.

In Ligasure and Enseal there is a cutting blade in between, whereas in thunderbeat it will coagulate with bipolar and then cut with ultrasonic vibration.
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