Postoperative Care and Precautions after Laparoscopic Surgery

Postoperative care after laparoscopic surgery

After laparoscopic surgery, the patient must be careful and it is the duty of the surgeon and his team to give full instructions for post operative care after he is discharged from the hospital. After surgery regular follow ups are necessary till the surgeon is satisfied about the healing of the incision wound at the place of surgery. For this the patient need to visit his surgeon for follow up within the first or second week. This appointment is very much necessary as long term post operative care would be decided during these visits.

The stitches made to the incisions during the surgery need not have to be removed as they will dissolve by themselves in about two to six weeks.� Immediately after the surgery advice the patient to keep the incision site covered for about 48 hours. He can shower after that and pat the wet spot at the incision site with a soft towel using moderate force. It is better to keep the wound covered with adhesive bandage for added protection. Tell him to contact his surgeon immediately in case of any redness, discharge, or tenderness around the stitches as it needs the attention of the surgeon.

After Laparoscopic Surgery

The incision wounds do not cause any scar except in a few cases where they develop as keloid scars. Make your patient clear that it takes around a year for the incision wound to heal completely and during this period ask him to keep the incision site carefully without exposing to direct sunlight. Advise him to take as much rest as possible and switch to a healthy diet. He has to keep the incision clean.

There are certain things the patient has to avoid immediately after surgery. The patient should:

  • Avoid driving a vehicle during the first 48 hours after the laparoscopic surgery as he may feel drowsy effects of the anesthesia
  • Take rest during the day after surgery
  • After 24 hours he can do his normal works as long as he is not on any of the narcotic medications
  • Not take bath or shower within the first 48 hours after the surgery
  • Don't do cycling Jogging or sexual intercourse
  • Not go for a swim� in the ocean or in a swimming pool during the first two days of the surgery
  • Not get into a hot tub or Jacuzzi� at least for 2 weeks after the laparoscopy surgery
  • Drink as much fluids as possible to prevent dehydration
  • Not eat hard foods and stay to the light liquids, like apple juice, ginger ale, soup, toast etc to prevent stomach upsets immediately after the surgery
  • Get back to the normal diet after two to three days when the patient feels alright
  • Drink more water to prevent constipation caused by pain medications

After the laparoscopic surgery it is important to make the patient aware of the ways to manage the pain and the management of the surgery wound. This is very important for the comfort of the patient during the post operative period as well as for getting the process of recovery at a fast track without having to worry about the problems caused by infection at the incision site.

By making the patient adhere to these postoperative care and precautions after Laparoscopic Surgery it is possible to see wonderful results and the patient can enjoy the benefits of the most modern laparoscopy surgery.


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