Post operative pain after laparoscopy

It is proved that laparoscopic procedures have much less post-operative pain than their conventional counterpart. The post-operative narcotic use is less after laparoscopy. In various studies linear analogue pain scores were recorded in patients blinded to the procedure of operation by special dressing. It was found that laparoscopic procedure was having one sixth post-operative pain compared to its open counterpart.

Another interesting observation has been the patient’s perception of pain after appendectomy. Those who underwent laparoscopic appendectomy were more vocal of pain although it was of a lower intensity. However, after 48 hours they had a better sense of wellbeing and showed earlier postoperative food intake, ambulation and return to work and sport. This could have arisen from the expectation that laparoscopic procedures are painless or a lower level of endorphins released or the peritoneal injury from the pneumoperitoneum

Prof. Dr. R. K. Mishra.

Minimal Access Surgeon

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