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WLH offer State-of-the-art package focusing on the treatment of laparoscopic tubal surgery
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Ectopic Pregnancy
Ectopic Pregnancy

We bid you a cheerful welcome to our March 2014 Newsletter.

Soon to come on World Laparoscopy Hospital: a special educational "state-of-the-art" package focusing on the treatment of laparoscopic tubal surgery. Stay tuned! There will be more to come throughout the year related to advanced laparoscopic and da Vinci Robotic Surgery.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs at a rate of 19.7 cases per 1,000 pregnancies and is a leading cause of maternal mortality in the first trimester. It is important to remember that hemorrhage from ectopic pregnancy is still the leading cause of pregnancy related maternal death in the first trimester and accounts for 4 to 10 percent of all pregnancy related deaths, despite improved diagnostic methods leading to earlier detection and treatment

This month, we are publishing 06 new videos featuring different surgical procedures in different specialties, 07 new lectures, one brand-new critical analysis in bariatric surgery, and new experts' opinions in laparoscopic gynecologic surgery related to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

We are also releasing a comprehensive package of live webcast lectures about gynecological minimal access surgery, called Live Webcast of World Laparoscopy Hospital, a new certification program in robotic in cooperation with the Intuitive Surgicals who will deliver the Certification. Yours faithfully, 

Dr R K Mishra

Dr. R. K. Mishra 
Chairman and Director
World Laparoscopy Hospital


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