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New Series of World Laparoscopy Hospital Web Stories
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New Series of  World Laparoscopy Hospital Web Stories
New Series of World Laparoscopy Hospital Web Stories
New Series of WLH Web Story has been started on WLH Website. There are many ways to build a Web Story. To get started initially World Laparoscopy Hospital is choosing its training content and later it will take the audience to surgy information.

WLH Web Story

The Web Stories format puts features and capabilities at your fingertips to engage with your audience via the power of storytelling on the open web. Specifically, you can: Create beautiful and engaging content easily: Web Stories make the production of stories as easy as possible from a technical perspective.

Enjoy creative flexibility for editorial freedom and branding: The Web Stories format comes with preset but flexible layout templates, standardized UI controls, and components for sharing and adding follow-on content. Share and link your stories on the open web: Web Stories are part of the open web and can be shared and embedded across sites and apps without being confined to a single ecosystem. Track and measure your stories: Supports analytics and bookend capabilities for viral sharing and monetization. Capture the attention of your readers by offering fast loading times to your stories: Web Stories are lightning fast so that your audience stays engaged and entertained. Engage with your readers via immersive storytelling: Web Stories are a new and modern way to reach existing readers. Monetize effectively the beautiful and engaging stories you create: Web Stories enable monetization capability for publishers using affiliate links. For advertisers, Stories is a way to reach a unique audience within a new storytelling experience.


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