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Latest Version of World Laparoscopy Hospital Mobile App is Launched
2019  |  08.23.2019 3:28 pm  |  4312  |  A+ | a-
Mobile Application of World Laparoscopy Hospital
Mobile Application of World Laparoscopy Hospital
World Laparoscopy Hospital Mobile App
World Laparoscopy Hospital has launched its latest version of mobile app for both Android as well as Apple version.

Following are New Features & Improvements In The World Laparoscopy Hospital Mobile App:
  1. Users can now include multiple news, Press release, and videos when sharing a new team post from iOS & Android apps
  2. Members of all teams in which the post is shared are notified
  3. The post laparoscopic video viewer will include the list of team names that have been the post
  4. News Feed & Chat Notifications Consolidated
  5. The user profile on the mobile app has gotten a UI Member are login upgrade in this release
  6. All sections & fields set up by the admin can be viewed & edited by the users from their mobile app
  7. New Doctors profile fields like skills, manager and social handles 
  8. From this release, you now have the questions module on iOS & Android apps
  9. View to see all laparoscopic questions/answers is now available. Additional filters to narrow down the list have been added
  10. Answered questions only in Alumni discussion Blog and see all laparoscopic Discussion
  11. Unanswered questions will be sent by email
  12. Pinned questions/answers
  13. ou can ask a question to the faculty of World Laparoscopy Hospital from the mobile apps also
  14. Ability To Share Posts With Multiple Teams
Please go to Google Play or Apple App Store to download the latest version of World Laparoscopy Hospital Mobile App.

For Android Version:

For Apple Version:

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