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Special CD Rom Offer by World Laparoscopy Hospital
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Laparoscopic DVD
Laparoscopic DVD

Dear Member,

Please note our special offer on CD-ROMs and order from our online catalog by clicking here. Make the most of it now! 
Many hundreds of surgeon and gynecologists have now already benefited from almost two hundred hours of detailed study and original teaching material on DVD / video and Prof. Mishra's personal and easy-to-follow and step by step style makes this probably the most effective laparoscopic teaching method available as high quality video DVD. Laparoscopic Live Lecture with detsail step wise presentation by Powerpoints, Video Demonstration of real laparoscopic surgery and Case Presentation of complications, indications and contraindications of all minimal access surgical procedures on 36 High quality DVDs Volumes.

First time in the world any Professor of Minimal Access Surgery has delivered 200 hours lecture on all the important topics of Minimal Access Surgery. We have recorded golden live lectures, video demonstration, case presentation and demonstration of operative technique with high quality videos of world's one of the most talented Professor of Minimal Access Surgery and made it available for you on a set of 36 DVDs. Get the live recording of Laparoscopic Lecture/Demonstration and Video presentation of

Prof. R.K. Mishra, The first Unifersity Qualified Master Minimal Access Surgeon of India

This month, we announce the release of two presentations out of a series on laparoscopic equipment: "Video camera" and "Endoscopes" authored by Dr R K Mishra. The series will comprise chapters on HD vision and insufflators to be released soon.

All the surgical contents may be accessed in the Virtual University, along with new videos, on

Enjoy WLH Vertual University!
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World Laparoscopy Hospital CD-ROMs: special offer!

Do not forget our special offer of CD-ROMs

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Yours faithfully, 

Dr R K Mishra

Dr. R. K. Mishra 
Chairman and Director
World Laparoscopy Hospital


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