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WLH opens advanced rehabilitation unit to optimize quality of life for patients recovering from major surgery
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World Laparoscopy Hospital
World Laparoscopy Hospital
Dear Member!

Welcome to our September 2010 Newsletter of World Laparoscopy Hospital. We hope that you had a great summer vacation. Health. As we know that rehabilitation describes specialized healthcare dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility with maximized results. Typically, rehabilitation helps people gain greater independence after major surgery.

The World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon has opened an advanced rehabilitation unit at its Gurgaon, campus, to provide specialty care for patients requiring long-term care for serious conditions such as bariatric surgery and colorectal surgery. the unit combines high-tech and high-touch to optimize the expertize of a multidisciplinary team. the holistic approach ensures care for the patient and their loved ones to help patients through their recovery and return to the highest possible quality of life and work.

Rehabilitation center of World Laparoscopy Hospital Is all about the hands-on compassionate care of an expert team of therapists, as they guide the patient in relearning skills and training them for a return to as-near normal life as possible, with the support of families/carers, in the community.

World Laparoscopy Hospital is proud to release an array of video contributions in various specialties for our September focus of the month. Find out about our World Laparoscopy Hospital special prize competition, and watch Professor Dr R K Mishra philosophical lecture on the future of general surgery. 

In order to show our appreciation to our loyal members who have contributed to increasing the content diversity of World Laparoscopy Hospital, we are excited to organize a WLH virtual university special prize.

Videos received from contributors will be evaluated during a given time period, which will end in June 2011. Specific criteria, including image quality (High-Definition standards), scientific and educational relevance, number of views, will be evaluated. 

Join the incentive prize competition now and send us your best educational videos! Instructions for video submissions are available on World Laparoscopy Hospital website.

Yours faithfully, 

Dr R K Mishra

Dr. R. K. Mishra 
Chairman and Director
World Laparoscopy Hospital


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