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Robotic assisted surgery going mainstream
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Ranjana Barera, now 40, had a fibroid uterus she was suffering from severe pain in her abdomen. Her surgeon, Dr. R.K. Mishra, sat at a console, maneuvering the controls of the robot to do the surgery. Such a great testimonials was given by hospital marketing staffs are common for the da Vinci system, named after the Italian artist who painted Mona Lisa and studied anatomy. The robotic surgery is at present done only in few hospitals of the world and World laparoscopy hospital is one of the pioneer institute in the World not only for this surgery but also to impart training of this par excellence skill.

Dozens of patients in Delhi NCR eager to have the high-tech surgery traveled to other hospitals hours away before World Laparoscopy Hospital got bank approval in 2011 to buy their daVinci Robot. But some surgeon and gynecologists have questioned whether the outcomes of robotic surgery are any better than conventional surgery and whether using the robotic systems are justified given the increased cost. Many studies suggest improved outcomes, especially in shorter hospital stays and less blood loss, and high precision of dissection in robotic surgery. In the future World Laparoscopy Hospital is planning to start transatlantic robotic surgery. At present main problem is time delay. Distance to great distances has been stymied by the time delays imposed by most forms of data exchange. A satellite link, for instance, at best has a delay time of 600 milliseconds, making a reliable, precise surgical manipulation impossible. Doctors determined that the minimum delay acceptable for the signals would be 330 milliseconds.

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