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China’s Single Arm Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
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China’s Single Arm Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
China’s Single Arm Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
China’s Single Arm Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
Chinese researchers have actually finished the First-in-Man (FIM) scientific trial using a single-arm laparoscopic surgical robotic in China, according to the Beijing Friendship Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical College.

Based upon a large number of pet experiments, research study groups from the Beijing Friendship Health Center and also the First Medical Facility of Lanzhou University utilized a locally developed medical robot to perform a single-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

A single-port laparoscopic surgical procedure is typically done in the thoracic or abdominal dental caries with a solitary small cut of 2 to 3 centimeters externally of the body.

The domestically created surgical robotic utilizes a distinct single-arm modern technology and is versatile as well as very easy to run. The high dexterity of the snake-shaped tool enables seven degrees of liberty in a limited space, stated Zhang Zhongtao, leader of the research team as well as a teacher at Capital Medical College.

He kept in mind that compared to the standard multi-port laparoscopic surgical treatment, the single-port surgical treatment is an appealing professional service thanks to its smaller incision, less invasion of cells, much shorter placing time as well as bigger placing room for the robot system.

Previously, the domestically established surgical robotic helped medical experts in several tough operations, consisting of urologic surgery, basic surgical procedure, thoracic surgery and gynecologic surgery, creating vital medical value.

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