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Dexter Surgical Robot Works with Conventional Laparoscopic Vision System
Mon - July 12, 2021 11:38 am  |  Article Hits:737  |  A+ | a-
Dexter Robotic System
Dexter Robotic System
Robotic laparoscopic surgical procedure is currently extensively offered, with Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci systems being the most usual robots available. These systems normally need specialized devices provided by the robot supplier, as well as the choice is fairly limited compared to the vast selection of conventional laparoscopic tools that exist. Now, Distalmotion, a Swiss firm, has actually won European regulative clearance to introduce its Dexter Surgical Robot that works with any type of laparoscopic tool.

The Dexter is created to be simple to bring in as well as out of the surgical area as well as used when robotic manipulation can help with enhanced precision, mastery, as well as comfort designs. Changing between robot surgical procedure and laparoscopy for the doctor is basically an issue of standing up from the console and also grabbing the devices by hand. The Dexter additionally comes with its own single-use 8 mm instruments for regular usage in dissection and also suturing, both mono- and bipolar.

Dexter Robotic System

Distalmotion asserts that the Dexter can be made use of alongside any type of commercial laparoscopic tower, allowing for 4k, 3D, ICG or any other existing or future imaging modern technology to be incorporated in addition to it. The console can be elevated and lowered, like a standing desk, to allow the cosmetic surgeon to run taking a seat or standing.

Dexter has already garnered remarkable passion in the medical neighborhood and also we expect to address the enhancing demand for a medical tool getting rid of the complexity out of robot surgical procedure to the fast lane its prevalent fostering in minimally invasive surgical treatment. Following the recognition of our product professional worth and advantages previously this year, and now expecting to start a wider activity enabling every client to access the advantages of robotic surgery

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