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Minimally Invasive Surgical Management of a Cornual Heterotopic Ectopic Pregnancy
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Minimally Invasive Surgical Management of a Cornual Heterotopic Ectopic Pregnancy
Minimally Invasive Surgical Management of a Cornual Heterotopic Ectopic Pregnancy
Heterotopic pregnancy is specified as the coexistence of intrauterine maternity and also ectopic pregnancy. The incidence of heterotopic pregnancy is estimated to be 1/30,000 in spontaneous pregnancy yet much greater than 1/3600 to 1/100 when associated with in vitro fertilizing (IVF) according to a lot more current literature. It is probably in the variety of 1% to 3%.

Cornual maternity takes place at the funnel-shaped location in the top uterine body that receives the insertion of the Fallopian tubes, the cornual region of the womb. Its occurrence price ranges from 1/2500 to 1/5000 live births and also represents 1% of ectopic pregnancies.

The incidence of heterotopic pregnancy with extrauterine gestation situated in the cornual location is not known, nonetheless, the incidence of cornual heterotopic maternity is approximated to be 1/3600 IVF pregnancies. We present one situation of spontaneous cornual heterotopic pregnancy diagnosed by ultrasound and also handled by laparoscopic-guided methotrexate shot into the cornual sac.

Heterotopic pregnancy represents an intrauterine gestational sac in the visibility of an ectopic pregnancy. It is an extremely unusual occurrence in spontaneous pregnancy however its incidence has raised with making use of assisted reproductive methods, being recognized in as much as 1% of these instances. The occurrence of cornual heterotopic maternity is unidentified; however, the incidence of heterotopic pregnancy itself has increased via using assisted reproductive innovations, and also most cornual heterotopic pregnancies happen after assisted reproductive technologies make use of. These situations have actually been treated commonly utilizing exploratory laparotomy and also cornual wedge resection with great outcomes. With developments in minimally invasive medical strategies, laparoscopic resection of cornual heterotopic pregnancies has been shown to be safe and viable.

Heterotopic Pregnancy

Robotic resection of a cornual heterotopic pregnancy can be executed with minimal blood loss by using the "purse-string" suturing strategy in settings where vasopressin can not be made use of for hemostasis. This method consists of using a 2-0 V-Loc suture in a circumferential fashion around the ectopic pregnancy, which permits faster suturing as well as instant tension at the myometrium. The very same suture is then utilized to close the flaw, which allows for a simpler and efficient closure with marginal entry into the myometrium.

We demonstrate the effective da Vinci Robotic resection of cornual heterotopic pregnancy making use of a "purse-string" surgical technique. This method allows for very little blood loss in cases where extra techniques for hemostasis can not be made use of, such as injection of vasopressin and also uterine artery ligation.

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