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Trans Oral Video Endoscopic Surgery (TOVES)
Tue - February 13, 2018 10:47 am  |  Article Hits:3309  |  A+ | a-
TOVES is an approach to treat Oropharngeal Cancers(Cancer of Tonsil and Back of Tongue; Throat) surgically which involves usage of conventional Endoscopic (Laparoscopic), instruments which are similar to those used for performing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, costing about 1/3rd or even less as compared to Robotic Surgery. and very less mutilating as compared to open surgery which involves incising the neck and cutting through jaw bone. It involved 2 months of improvisation and efforts to make these instruments suitable for Trans oral surgery. This technique enables the surgeon to stand right at the patient's Head maintaining the close doctor patients connect. Trans Oral Video Endoscopic Surgery (TOVES) as named by Japanese, as compared to Robotic Surgery (TORS), has the main benefit of bringing down the cost drastically and making this treatment affordable to a large section of our society, and also has the advantage of maintaining the direct doctor patient connect. Surgical techniques like TOVES should be extensively evaluated, researched, improvised and applied for the larger benefit of our people as well as across the world. The benefit of transoral endoscopic surgery is the potential for scar-free surgery. However, there are many concerns over some aspects, such as infection, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury, and oncological outcome. It is very important for innovative operations to prove themselves in terms of the benefit to the patient. To ensure patients’ safety, clinical evidence is the most important matter of concern before widespread use of that technique.

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